Fruits that can treat occupational diseases

Today, with more and more pressure, many people are suffering from occupational diseases. Today, Xiao Bian will introduce some fruits that can treat occupational diseases, hoping to help you

soft persimmon anti fatigue

it is beneficial for the tired manual workers to eat more big persimmon. Because fatigue in most cases is caused by ischemia, and persimmon contains a lot of iron (iron food) elements, especially dark red, very soft persimmon, can stimulate the production of hemoglobin, help to anti fatigue

oranges exhaust

oranges can help drivers who often inhale exhaust to remove toxins from their bodies

athletes love pineapple

pineapple has anti-inflammatory (anti-inflammatory food) and detumescence effects, can improve blood circulation, and promote the rehabilitation of tendon inflammation and trauma< The banana can make the waiters have a better attitude towards consumers - it can ease the tense mood, improve work efficiency and reduce fatigue kiwi fruit can improve immunity the elderly and children can eat more kiwi fruit. Because its vitamin C content is twice that of oranges, it can better improve resistance and avoid infection. 1n addition, grapes (grape food) have expectorant effect, can eat when coughing, but diabetic patients should not eat mango can resist wrinkle mango is rich in carotene β And unique enzyme, can make the skin elastic, and delay the generation of wrinkles, most suitable for women who love beauty 1 hope these fruits for the treatment of occupational diseases can help you, accumulate bit by bit of health knowledge, and add points to your health China labor insurance net

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