Fujian consolidates the position of global footwear production base

in recent years, Fujian shoe enterprises have changed their export growth mode, and further consolidated their position as a global footwear production base by implementing the strategies of “going out”, technology leading and brand driving. 1n the first 11 months, the footwear export, which ranked third in Fujian’s total export value, grew against the trend, with an export of US $4.778 billion, u2.6% year on year

it is understood that Fujian Province has more than 4000 shoe production enterprises, nearly 1200 enterprises above Designated Size, and more than one million employees, among which the output of sports shoes ranks first in China, accounting for one third of the country and one fifth of the world

in the face of the impact of shrinking demand in the international market in the past year, Fujian shoe enterprises have risen to meet the difficulties and actively expanded exports. One is to go abroad in groups to participate in the exhibition, changing “passive order” to “active order finding”. Recently, 115 international famous brand enterprises in Fujian Province have launched regional brands of shoes in Fujian Province through more than 40 global offices of Hong Kong Trade Development Bureau and more than 230 exhibitions held or participated in by them, greatly improving the order receiving rate and success rate of foreign trade. The second is to carry out joint cooperation, establish overseas shoemaking bases in non anti-dumping countries in the name of “Fujian creation”, establish perfect sales network, and disperse export risks. At present, more than 50 shoe enterprises have established production and marketing alliances with international well-known brands, and well-known shoe enterprises are also setting up branches or bases overseas. Third, participate in the process of economic globalization and speed up the pace of internationalization of enterprises. Fujian shoe enterprises have been listed overseas frequently, and by the end of November this year, they had raised more than 10 billion yuan in the international capital market

it has become a trend to build an international brand. On the one hand, it directly introduces international brands. Anta successfully acquired the world famous sports brand “F1LA China Trademark” and the retail business of sporting goods; Surpass international holding company has obtained the domestic exclusive agency right of the top ten sports brands in the United States, and will pay nearly 100 million yuan to open 1500 franchised stores in three years; Tebu, peak, Fuguiniao and other companies are negotiating acquisition or cooperation with European brands. On the other hand, we should try our best to build our own brand. Grafting sports events has become the first choice for shoe enterprises to speed up brand expansion. Peak group has become a sponsor of NBA, European Basketball League and CBA, and a partner of basketball teams in Uzbekistan, Greece and other countries; Anta and Hongxing Erke signed the world tennis tournament and became partners of foreign Olympic committees. Among the 100 “national business cards” issued by China Brand Research 1nstitute, Anta and peak are among them. There are 15 “Chinese famous brand” sports shoes in China, and Quanzhou accounts for 11. The direct effect of building a brand is that the export unit price of footwear has increased significantly. The average export price of shoes in Quanzhou has increased from US $2.56/pair in 2006 to US $3.91/pair now, up 52.73%

independent research and development to seize the commanding height of science and technology. At the beginning of the year, 27 large-scale shoe enterprises in Fujian Province purchased more than 3000 sets of advanced shoe-making equipment from Germany, 1taly and Japan. They used new equipment to increase product research and development, and constantly launched high value-added products. Tebu company launched the world’s leading nano silver antibacterial sports shoes, with an annual output of more than 1.5 million pairs; Anta’s self-developed “core technology” provides unique arch cushioning system and elastic materials for shoes; Ruihong shoes company imported “breathable film” from 1taly to produce breathing shoes, and “Jaka” damping system from Taiwan to produce products with cushioning function

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