Fujian enterprises and DuPont build PTT factory

recently, a PTT flexible staple fiber production line is under construction in Shishi, Fujian Province. The production line is jointly invested by Shishi Wenxing group, Quanzhou Haitian Group and DuPont company of the United States. At present, the ordering of complete sets of equipment for this production line has been completed and will be delivered to Shishi for installation in succession

according to the content of DuPont’s power of attorney, DuPont will provide relevant technology for manufacturing PTT staple fiber for this production project, and provide technical guidance in the production process. This is the PTT factory authorized exclusively by DuPont Co in mainland China, and the second PTT production plant authorized by the Chinese mainland. According to Ouyang Wenxian, chairman of Wenxing group, the equipment investment of the whole production line alone is more than 200 million yuan

this time, Wenxing and Haitian have joined hands to jointly invest 500 million yuan in the construction of the project, hoping to develop, produce and sell PTT short fiber, functional fiber, fine denier fiber, hollow fiber and other products by using Wenxing group’s 100 mu production base in Shishi Jinshang industrial zone and DuPont’s corn Sorona polymer technology. After the completion of the project, the annual output value can reach 1.5 billion yuan

the raw material for polyester production comes from petroleum, the price of polyester is greatly affected by the fluctuation of crude oil price, and polyester has some defects in dyeing, static electricity, comfort, combustion and environmental protection. The biomass Sorona PTT chip material developed by DuPont company of the United States is a new type of high molecular polymer from corn, which has the characteristics of environmental protection and renewable, and can reduce the dependence of chemical fiber industry on oil

“in the future, the competition of textile and clothing is more about the competition of new fabrics and new fiber materials.” People from Fujian cloth chamber of Commerce said that PTT fiber has soft handle, good elasticity and resilience, and has advantages in shape stability and atmospheric pressure dyeing, which is very suitable for the field of clothing materials. This kind of fiber can be blended with wool, cotton and other natural fibers or synthetic fibers, cross twisted and interwoven. Many new textile fabrics can be developed, and can be used in carpet, decoration, non-woven fabrics and other fields. The joint investment of Wenxing group and Haitian Group in this project is a new step towards the industrial integration of upstream textile raw materials, which will make the textile industrial chain of Shishi and its surrounding areas more perfect(Gongju)

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