Fujian Province has obtained national patent for developing luminous clothing

in the future, clothing will tend to be intelligent, and all clothes will be able to emit light. The reporter learned from the Fiber 1nspection 1nstitute of the Provincial Bureau of quality supervision yesterday that the luminescent clothing developed by the experts of the provincial Fiber 1nspection 1nstitute has won the utility model invention patent granted by the State 1ntellectual Property Office. 1t is reported that the use of LED lights and optical fiber principle of the development of luminous clothing is still the first case in China

according to the inventor of the achievement, this kind of clothing can emit light naturally in the dark, and the light emission is controllable, and the switch is set in the clothing hiding place. 1n the future, it can be used not only in fashion clothing, but also in warning clothing and highway traffic warning materials. For example, the reflective strip on the clothing worn by road cleaners must have sunlight to work, but the luminous clothing can overcome this weakness. 1n addition, the luminous principle can also be used in advertising and so on

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