Fujian’s shoes export is the highest in history

in the first half of this year, the value of shoes exported under the jurisdiction of Fujian inspection and quarantine bureau reached US $3.035 billion, a year-on-year increase of 20.9% and a year-on-year increase of 14.0%, reaching the highest level in shoes export history. What is particularly gratifying is that there are three major changes in footwear export:

first, the export proportion of leading enterprises has increased. 1n the first half of the year, 59 footwear enterprises exported more than US $10 million, of which 2 enterprises exported more than US $50 million. The export value of these 59 footwear enterprises accounted for 38.2% of the total export value, 9.1 percentage points higher than that of the same period in 2009

Second, the ability of product R & D and innovation has become stronger. Gradually highlight the two major production areas of plastic shoes and beach shoes in Fuzhou and sports and leisure shoes in Putian and Quanzhou, and form a regional footwear export cluster in coastal cities. 1n addition to the innovation of traditional footwear styles, enterprises also increase research and development efforts, and constantly develop new varieties such as nano shoes and ecological shoes, which effectively promote the export growth< Thirdly, the average export unit price has become higher. The average export unit price of footwear has increased from US $2.597/pair in 2008 to US $2.725/pair in 2009 and to US $2.983/pair in the first half of this year. This also reflects that the structure of Fujian footwear products is constantly developing to the direction of high-end and high added value

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