Fully armed is the lowest threshold to ensure labor safety

labor protection articles are powerful measures to ensure personal safety, and the wearing of labor protection articles is also the most direct manifestation of civilized production. Uniform dressing and standardized operation methods can play a role in improving operation efficiency and safety. From this point of view, labor protection articles must be worn in strict accordance with the relevant requirements

work to live well, safety to live forever. 1 believe that everyone has the same idea on personal safety. No one is willing to make fun of life, but it is precisely in the aspect of labor protection that affects personal safety that there are always such and such problems: the hat is not firmly worn, the shoes are not tight, the work clothes are open, the protective glasses are forgotten to wear, and so on. Although it’s a matter of detail, it’s a matter of indifference to safety regulations, operation safety and even one’s own life

it is not difficult to see from the documents and accident cases about the casualties of employees that the occurrence of accidents is often related to the lax awareness of labor protection of the accident victims. Before working, the operator is trying to save trouble, so he can save the “details”. After being found, he finds various reasons to prevaricate the past. 1t’s true that there are personal injuries in the work, and even a painful price has been paid. These “reasons” can only prevaricate others and hurt himself, and any language can’t help. Therefore, for the wearing of protective equipment before working, There is no reason why we must be “fully armed”

if the reasons affecting personal safety are divided into three levels, one is ideological paralysis, the other is bad habits in the operation, and the third is the wearing and use of labor protection appliances. Obviously, the wearing and use of labor supplies is the minimum threshold. 1f you can’t meet the simplest and minimum requirements, how can you convince others that you will abide by the rules? How not to let people worry about your work safety

to protect yourself, please start from wearing labor protection articles

Author: Rao Weiguo

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