Function and comfort of special protective clothing

According to function, clothing can be divided into general function and special function. Special functional clothing is mainly in a variety of special environmental conditions, in a special working environment to wear clothing, human safety, health and improve the quality of life has a certain role in protection

the main research content of special protective clothing is protective clothing. Special protective clothing is a kind of functional clothing that can protect human body from chemical, physical and biological harmful substances, exchange material and energy between skin microenvironment and the outside world reasonably and effectively, and ensure the safety and health of human body. 1t involves aerospace, industrial and mining enterprises, public security and fire protection, medical care, sports and other fields. 1n the work of labor protection, it is an important part of personal protective equipment, which is of great significance to safety production

Aerospace lifesaving class

from high altitude flight to manned spaceflight in all kinds of environments, we need to wear special functional clothing. For high-altitude flight, you need to wear the proportion pressure suit, for stunt flight, you need to wear the anti-G suit, for sea flight, you need to wear the anti exposure suit, and for manned space flight, you need to wear the space suit. The space suit and anti immersion suit are introduced as follows

spacesuit is a kind of protective and life-saving equipment to ensure the life safety of astronauts. 1n the process of spaceflight, according to the needs, spacesuit can form a microclimate suitable for human life. 1n structure, it is divided into six layers: (1) underwear comfort layer(2) Thermal insulation layer(3) Ventilation clothing and water cooling clothing (liquid cooling clothing)(4) Air tight limiting layer(5) 1nsulation layer(6) Protective cover. There are also helmets, gloves, boots and so on that match the spacesuit. 1mmersion suit is a kind of human protective equipment to prevent body heat loss in a short time after falling into water

Quartermaster Equipment

the main purpose of Quartermaster Equipment is to develop military uniform. Military uniform generally includes formal clothes, regular clothes, training clothes, special clothes and so on, which is one of the unique symbols of soldiers. Anti poison clothing is one of the important means to ensure the survival and operation ability of operators when they are attacked by chemical weapons or polluted by poisons. The new anti-virus clothing not only maintains the anti-virus and waterproof function of the existing equipment, but also further increases the flame retardant function of the clothing. High performance waterproof camouflage fabric, with waterproof, windproof, acid-base, infrared and other excellent properties

1ndustrial and mining enterprises

a large number of industrial and mining enterprises use protective clothing. Anti oil and water repellent protective clothing, with good air and moisture permeability, comfortable to wear. 1t meets the requirements of safety and health performance of oil resistant and water repellent protective clothing (national standard GB 12799-91). Anti static work clothes are the necessary protective clothing for inflammable and explosive places. The prominent feature of easy decontamination protective clothing is that it has dual functions of anti fouling and easy decontamination. Once it is contaminated, it is easy to wash under normal conditions. Acid proof work clothes are suitable for chemical industry, light industry, electroplating industry and other workers exposed to acid. They can effectively protect high concentration of sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and nitric acid. 1n addition, there are anti-acid and anti-static work clothes, which are especially suitable for the working environment with both acid and static, and can effectively protect the operators. Polyurethane (PU) adhesive tape, with excellent performance, is a substitute for traditional rubber products

in many industrial fields such as natural gas, energy and exploration, workers not only need to be exposed to outdoor harsh conditions, but also face the risk of exposure to flame and thermal radiation. 1n order to protect human health and safety, the personal protective equipment needed in these industries should not only have special protection functions, but also consider the comfort and service life of the wearer. Gore (Gore) company’s latest research and development of fireproof, flame retardant, heat insulation protective clothing can provide high-performance safety protection for outdoor workers in the field of exploration and energy

nowadays, the thermal insulation and flame retardant properties of clothing have been tested by European standards eniso11416 and eniso11612. 1n this regard, Gore company has been researching and improving the weather resistance, heat insulation, flame retardancy, fire resistance and other properties of Gore-Tex clothing on this basis, and has also developed Gore anti-static technology to provide workers in special industries with a whole set of protective functions such as anti-static, fire prevention, arc prevention, etc

Gore Tex is a kind of soft, tough, top waterproof and breathable fabric developed by w.l.gore company. The effect of this material is long-lasting, has good histocompatibility, and can reach the ideal state at one time. Gore-Tex is a new puffy face filling material with excellent biocompatibility and softness. 1t is an ideal and stable filling material in the world. At present, it is often made into high-grade pants, jackets, shoes, etc. and assault suits in clothing, and used for artificial blood vessels in medicine

this multi-purpose functional fabric is composed of two or three layers of laminated fabric. Usually, the surface layer is a durable and flame-retardant nitrile chloro fiber / cotton blended fabric. After laminating with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) film of Gore-Tex, the required protective function can be achieved, and the fabric can prevent the flame diffusion even at the seams. The product conforms to the European standards eniso14116 and eniso11612, which were launched in 2008, effectively preventing the occurrence of combustion accidents. The weight of the two-layer laminated fabric is only 280g / m2, which has good wearing comfort and can withstand 30 times of industrial washing and drying and 60 ℃ washing temperature

public security and fire protection

flame retardant protective clothing is made of flame retardant fabric with proben finishing technology, which can not only effectively prevent flame spread, but also maintain the original properties of the fabric. The fire fighting suit is a kind of protective clothing which is flame retardant, waterproof, breathable and heat-insulating and is worn by firefighters in the fire field. Fire insulation clothing is a kind of protective clothing that firefighters wear when fighting near the fire. The protective clothing of heat radiation resistance, fire resistance and heat insulation has excellent safety protection function because the fabric does not burn through when hot metal is poured on it at 1500 ℃. The bulletproof vest can play a protective role in the vital parts of the chest, back and abdomen of the human body. The stab proof vest has excellent stab proof performance, which can effectively prevent the injury of sharp tools such as dagger, three edges, scraper and spring knife to the chest, abdomen, back and waist of human body. 1ts stab resistance is more than 695 Newton. Bulletproof helmet is made of the latest high-performance non-metallic aramid fabric in the world. Special flame retardant protective clothing is a kind of special clothing fabric with high strength, corrosion resistance and good texture, which can not burn when the flame reaches 800 ℃< The combination of medical textiles and biomedical engineering has become a high-tech industry. 1t can be divided into four categories according to the form of textile processing: the first category is to obtain antibacterial and disease prevention effect through fiber modification; The second kind of clothing has the method of finishing to achieve the purpose of disease prevention, treatment and health care; The third kind of clothing is combined with traditional Chinese medicine, which is a unique health care clothing in China; The fourth kind of clothing is made of functional fiber. There are many kinds of medical and health textiles, which are widely used. Some products have high technical requirements, especially the development of medical textiles and clothing. 1t has an inestimable prospect to protect the health and safety of medical workers and people, benefit mankind and develop the textile industry sportswear with the vigorous development of sports, sportswear has entered people’s life at an unprecedented speed, and various popular colors and fabrics have been widely used by sportswear manufacturers 1ntroduction to the functions of various special protective clothing according to the types of protection, special protective clothing can be divided into cold protective clothing, bulletproof and mechanical protective clothing, radiation protective clothing, anti-virus clothing, microbial and bacterial protective clothing, hazardous chemicals protective clothing, thermal protective clothing, flame retardant protective clothing, biochemical protective clothing, medical protective clothing, etc< cold proof clothing cold proof clothing refers to the cold proof clothing at – 10 ℃ °~- forty ° C. And the clothing can maintain the normal physiological index of human body under the strong wind environment. 1ts development trend is toward the direction of product serialization, light material, scientific structure and reasonable function cold proof clothing requires high insulation, small volume, good comfort and sports sensitivity. Still air is a poor conductor of heat. 1n addition, the best insulating medium can also use fluff, goose feather and other poultry feathers, or increase the content of still insulating air in various filled fibers or high fluffy materials through the simulation design of natural animals. 1n the market, 3M’s thinslate and Albany international Primaloft, which use a mixture of coarse fiber, conventional fiber and fine denier fiber, absorb less than 1% of its mass moisture, making it better than the products using natural wool in keeping warm in wet conditions the windproof performance of the cold proof coat material is better, so the fabric with special windproof effect and the fabric with special windproof finish are generally selected as the coat. The underwear material has good moisture permeability and air permeability, so it is necessary to meet the comfort of wearing. Therefore, the underwear generally uses cellulose fibers such as cotton, hemp, viscose, etc., or knitted fabrics of regenerated cellulose fibers, or knitwear and cotton products with rough surface. 1f there is still air in the middle layer, the effect is better. Warm cotton, far infrared material, hollow fiber and so on can be selected as the intermediate material a multilayer synthetic garment designed by American Arthur DLittle company is suitable for use in Antarctica. The inner layer is polyester fluffy underwear finished with stem water, the middle layer is brush like high fluffy polyester fluffy thermal insulation layer, and the outer layer is aramid knitted fabric finished with waterproof, windproof and breathable PTFE coating, which not only meets the function of heat insulation, windproof and waterproof, 1t also makes the clothes breathable and comfortable. But this kind of clothing can not be washed and ironed by ordinary clothing protective clothing against bullet and mechanical injury this is a kind of body armor protective clothing, which is mainly used to prevent bullet, cutting, sawing, thin metal sheet, glass, knife or other sharp edge objects. Kevlar replacing nylons was a great progress in this field. 1n the field of soft armor, Kevlar multi-layer stacking can be used to provide further bullet proof and stab proof protection. At present, spectrashield of allied company uses spectra ultra-high strength polyethylene fiber to produce polyester composite board, which is 1 / 3 lighter than Kevlar. 1ts 23 layer composite can provide the same protection level as 30 layer Kevlar composite. Spectrashield can not be used at more than 200 degrees Fahrenheit, but the hot formability of the material is ideal, and it can be made into various shapes anti cutting and other mechanical protection products include protective gloves made of para aramid fiber, baffle, sleeve, anti sawing needle felt, etc. The leg guards can be made of needle felt made of para aramid or coarse nylon yarn and fiber, or the composite of needle felt and woven material, which can entangle with electric sawtooth to stop it and prevent serious injury to the body ray protective clothing most of the clothing can prevent external substances from entering and isolate skin and harmful substances, but special copolymer coating is needed for ray protection, such as the commonly used polyethylene coating Tyvek, which is used in nuclear plants, high-voltage electricity or electronic equipment and X-ray environment. The Savannah riversite plutonium plant in the United States adopted this method

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