Functional clothing fiber products take the lead in the market

Hailong launched a series of functional fibers, highlighting the application of products in many fields. The flame-retardant fibers of anfsai and anfli can be widely used in protective clothing, fire-fighting clothing, military uniform and other flame-retardant clothing, as well as indoor, automobile, aircraft and public places. Newdale fiber is a new type of cellulose fiber with high strength and high wet modulus, which is produced from renewable natural plants, Superior elongation at break and unique high crimp are ideal raw materials for underwear, children’s clothing, sportswear and all kinds of high-end fashion

this year, Hailong also launched a new hemp cel fiber, which is “derived from hemp but better than hemp”. This kind of fiber is a new type of cellulose fiber, which is made by processing jute with the proprietary technology developed by Hailong. 1t has a unique cross-section shape. The fabric made of this fiber has smooth handle, bright color and full and smooth fabric structure. 1t is a new type of healthy, environmental protection and natural breathing ecological textile fiber

it is understood that Hailong has attached great importance to the research and development of regenerated cellulose fiber and related fields in recent years, and has successively completed the research and development of more than 240 new products in more than 30 series, such as high wet modulus fiber, flame retardant viscose fiber, health care fiber, radial tire framework material, etc

pay attention to the function but not forget the fashion

in the case that energy saving and environmental protection has become a prerequisite for the development of national economy and industry, color spinning is favored by the downstream textile enterprises because it reduces the pressure of environmental protection in the printing and dyeing process, and environmental protection yarn is increasingly becoming the main stream of yarn development

for more than 10 years, Bailong group has been devoting itself to the research and development and management of new color spinning varieties, and has continuously launched nearly 5000 kinds of blended yarn colors. This year, new products such as anti-bacterial, high moisture absorption and perspiration, anti ultraviolet, cashmere like handle, differential dyeing yarn and segment color yarn are launched

Blum color spinning launches a set of standard color cards every two years, presenting a summary of all the recent popular colors; Two sets of popular color cards are launched every year to predict the color trend in spring, summer, autumn and winter in two years. They have recently launched a new color card to show a unique style of multi-color combination of new yarn, and also designed a fast delivery color card, covering the most popular and commonly used yarn colors

jade fiber is the most eye-catching

Jinhui Chemical fiber creates new jade fiber. 1t is understood that this kind of jade fiber named “shuanglishi” uses extraction and nanotechnology to make jade and other mineral materials reach sub nanometer particle size, and then melt into the spinning melt for spinning processing. Jade is rich in beneficial minerals and trace elements, which can improve blood circulation and promote metabolism, so as to prevent diseases and eliminate fatigue. The fabric made of this kind of fiber has been proved by experiments that it can be nearly 2 ℃ lower than normal temperature. 1t is especially suitable for wearing in hot summer sports, and it is also suitable for making bedclothes and household clothes in summer

in addition, Jinhui Chemical fiber’s 1mitation cotton, wool like fiber and regenerated fiber are also particularly favored. They not only have the moisture absorption, air permeability, warmth retention of natural cotton and the wear resistance and softness of wool, but also have the functions of anti ultraviolet, anti-static and anti-bacterial. The fabric made of this fiber can save the coating process and maintain permanent functionality. The recycled fiber is the combination of environmental protection and comfort function, which not only saves resources, but also reduces the cost< Shandong Hongye Textile Co., Ltd., as a national functional differential fiber yarn product development base, has launched a series of products with characteristics. For example, wool and cashmere series products are blended or multi-component blended with animal fiber and cotton, polyester, Tencel and viscose fiber to overcome the high proportion forbidden zone, and the proportion of wool and cashmere fiber can reach 80%. The silk and linen series are produced by mixing spun silk and bleached flax to make up for the defects of the fiber, enhance the tear resistance, water absorption and antibacterial properties of the fabric, and make the performance of the fabric tend to be perfect. 1t is particularly noteworthy that the snowflake yarn series products produced by Hongye company through "Jucheng spinning" technology have remarkable innovation polymer spinning is a new type of spinning technology, which can produce slubby yarn with different fibers according to different styles and patterns. The decorative yarn can be regularly or irregularly wrapped on the base yarn. At the same time, decorative yarn can use different kinds of fiber raw materials, using recycled cotton and other fiber blended snowflake yarn made of fabric, like a snowflake, three-dimensional strong, unique style

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