Functional fabrics domestic demand, foreign trade orders continue

recently, the domestic demand and foreign trade orders of multi-purpose functional textiles in China Textile City have been increasing, the attention of special fabrics woven with special raw materials and special processes has been increasing, and the number of scattered single products has increased. With the increasing consumer demand for functional textiles, the research and industrialization process of functional textiles in China is developing rapidly. The textiles with the functions of waterproof, oil proof, easy decontamination, antibacterial and odor proof, far-infrared, anti ultraviolet, anti-static, anti electromagnetic radiation, fireproof and flame retardant, high moisture absorption and so on are gradually introduced to the market, and are favored by consumers. With the continuous transformation and upgrading of China’s economy, the road of functional textile industry is becoming wider and wider. This article comes from textile resources, please input textile resources directly in the browser

functional fabrics (mainly nylon, polyester, nylon polyester and cotton) have the following main functions: waterproof, high moisture permeability (hydrophilic, microporous, wet), fluorescent, antistatic, flame retardant, PVC calendering, cashmere proof, UV resistant, moisture absorption and quick drying, far infrared, cold and rain resistant, memory and other functional fabrics, Environmental protection of products. After finishing products mainly include waterproof, fireproof, coating, embroidery, printing, composite, antistatic, anti ultraviolet, breathable and moisture permeable processing

in the functional textiles, anti ultraviolet cloth, flame retardant cloth, anti radiation cloth, reflective cloth, bulletproof cloth and other special materials, or special fabrics with special treatment, although the market has been relatively limited in the Textile City, the market share is increasing. With the increasing of people’s consumption level, the amount of application will be more and more, and the sales prospect will be broader

we have been specializing in the marketing of various kinds of clothing and industrial products, such as radiant cloth, anti ultraviolet cloth, flame-proof cloth, reflective cloth, and so on. Almost every family has its own business in the textile city. All kinds of knitted mesh fabrics, knitted fleece fabrics, knitted hollow layer thermal fabrics, knitted composite fabrics and chemical fiber knitted double-sided fabrics can increase moisture absorption and perspiration function. They are also the best choice for sportswear, gymnastic clothing, skiing clothing, mountaineering pants, ball clothing, etc. Moisture absorption and perspiration functional knitted fabrics are widely used. Some fabrics as thin as cicada silk, which are heat-resistant and moisture permeable, are popular in making summer clothing, and their counterparts are more enthusiastic in placing orders. Nano silver lining anti-bacterial knitted fabrics and oil repellent, water repellent, dirt repellent knitted fabrics and anti ultraviolet knitted fabrics are favored

as the use of functional textiles and special fabrics determines its sales volume, most of them are only sold in small batches; Moreover, the profit of small batch transaction is relatively rich, the proportion of order acceptance deposit is relatively high, and the sales risk is relatively small except for the initial investment cost. Since 2010, the number of operators in the textile city has been increasing. With the continuous emergence of new technology and new products, functional textiles have greatly improved in fabric appearance design, handle and performance. The basic comfort and safety of traditional products can not fully meet the diversified needs of fashion consumers. The added value that fabric can carry will fall on the increasingly rich “functionality”. Any kind of performance improvement and breakthrough may bring immeasurable profits for enterprises. With the awareness of natural environmental protection and resource regeneration, functional fabrics with the concept of environmental protection and green are changing the design concept and style of fashion field. Functional textiles have jumped out of the traditional form, and completely penetrated into many fields, such as home furnishing, decoration, medical treatment, environmental protection, agriculture, architecture, geology, transportation, packaging, leisure, protection and so on

with the enhancement of people’s consciousness of returning to nature, multi-component fiber blended, interwoven, composite fabrics and new fiber products have become the leading products in the current fabric market. Textile fabric design and finishing technology pay more attention to bring comfort, green, health and safety to consumers. At the same time, fashion and cultural elements are added to greatly enhance the value of products. Protective and easy care is the focus of functional fabric development this season. Moisture absorption and perspiration, bacteriostasis and deodorization, anti ultraviolet have become conventional “equipment”, in addition to functional innovation, but also pay attention to the coordination with comfort and fashion. The woven four side elastic high-performance fabric with nylon and spandex as the main fibers has the advantages of smooth handle, sweat resistance, seawater resistance, resistance to various dry cleaning agents and UV protection. 1ts elasticity is more than 20% ~ 40%, and its resilience is more than 98%. 1n order to improve the added value of the product, the functions of moisture absorption, quick drying, anti-bacterial, anti odor and anti-static of the fabric are added, and the added value of the fabric is significantly improved< Since 2010, it has been operating in Dongsheng Road market, Dongshi market, old market, united market, Beishi market and Tianhui market, with a significant increase in the number of samples and the technology content of fabrics; Some varieties have been processed by multiple processes in the later stage, and the raw material composition and original fabric style can no longer be seen. Only professionals can understand its use. For example, the polyamide aramid wire bulletproof cloth, which is famous for its breaking strength, is not widely used and has a single product. However, the domestic and foreign trade orders continue, and the corresponding customers are quite enthusiastic in placing orders. The industrial air duct cloth, air bag cloth and massage health care cloth with three proofs and four proofs are also popular with customers who place orders in many batches; 1ndustrial use of both thin and light high heat resistant flame retardant cloth, local batch orders continue to emerge

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