Functional fabrics will carry more value

With the increasing consumer demand for functional textiles, the research and industrialization process of functional textiles in China is developing rapidly. The textiles with the functions of waterproof, oil proof, easy decontamination, antibacterial and odor proof, far-infrared, anti ultraviolet, anti-static, anti electromagnetic radiation, fireproof and flame retardant, high moisture absorption and so on are gradually introduced to the market, and are favored by consumers. With the increasing pressure in people’s life and work, more and more people are engaged in leisure and outdoor sports, the production and sales of functional textiles are also expanding. At present, the sales volume of global functional textiles market is 50 billion US dollars per year. 1t is reported that in the future, the sales volume of functional textiles market will increase by 3.8% every year, and the domestic demand for functional textiles will be more than 50 billion RMB. As far as the market application of functional textiles is concerned, compared with foreign countries, China’s functional textiles market still has a lot of room for expansion. When the consumer demand is constantly subdivided, and people prefer to choose differentiated textiles in different working and living environments, the research and development of functional textiles in China will continue to show an upward trend

many domestic fabric and garment enterprises have fully realized the importance of the development of functional products for enterprises to expand the market, and actively carry out the R & D and production of related products” As a self created brand of Hailan group, Hailan home has emerged in China’s men’s clothing retail market with its rich product variety and unique design since its establishment in 2002″ “Hailan home” always adheres to scientific and technological innovation, and constantly introduces new products by using new technologies. 1n 2008, Dajin fluorochemical Co., Ltd. established a good cooperative relationship with “Hailan home”, and then developed the first three proofing jeans in China. The jeans not only have three proofing functions, but also have excellent performance of quick drying after washing. At present, it has been sold in many exclusive stores of “Hailan home”, and has achieved good market sales performance. Different from the three proofing finishing technology of “Hailan home”, the functional products developed by Zhejiang meixinda company to meet the special requirements of users’ professional wear have the characteristics of anti wrinkle, anti ultraviolet and anti-bacterial

industry experts believe that “Hailan home” and “meixinda” are the pioneers in the research and development and production of functional products in China. 1n the future, more enterprises will place their hopes on the research and development of functional products to improve the added value of products, and show an optimistic attitude towards the development prospect of functional textiles

on trend functionality, there is a bright future

fashion trend has always been the focus of textile and garment industry enterprises, and the trend guides the development direction of the industry and enterprises. Conforming to the international fashion trend means that the products meet the requirements of fashion consumers and meet the market demand orientation. Such products also contain the profits pursued by enterprises

when talking about the development trend of functional fabrics, Wang Suning, designer of Nantong Weiduoli Textile Co., Ltd., said that with the continuous emergence of new technologies and new products, functional textiles have greatly improved in the aspects of fabric appearance design, handle and performance, and traditional products have the basic comfort Security can not meet the diversified needs of fashion consumers. The added value that fabric can carry will fall on the increasingly rich “functionality”. Wang Suning believes that any kind of performance improvement and breakthrough may bring immeasurable profits to the enterprise. With the awareness of natural environmental protection and resource regeneration, functional fabrics with the concept of environmental protection and green are changing the design concept and style of fashion field. Functional textiles have jumped out of the traditional form, and completely penetrated into many fields, such as home furnishing, decoration, medical treatment, environmental protection, agriculture, architecture, geology, transportation, packaging, leisure, protection and so on

Xia Jianming, Professor of dyeing and Finishing Technology Research 1nstitute of Zhejiang textile and garment college, has great confidence in the development of functional textiles. Xia Jianming said in an interview with our reporter that with the enhancement of people’s consciousness of returning to nature, multi-component fiber blended, interwoven, composite fabrics and new fiber products have become the leading products in the current fabric market. Textile fabric design and finishing technology pay more attention to bring comfort, green, health and safety to consumers. At the same time, fashion and cultural elements are added to greatly enhance the value of products

in view of the development direction of fabric finishing process and technology, Xia Jianming said that many of the current finishing technologies tend to be for people’s health, including amino arginine finishing, vitamin finishing, moisturizing finishing, silk protein finishing, temperature regulating finishing, cool feeling antibacterial finishing, mugwort finishing, organic germanium finishing, wood vinegar finishing, green tea finishing Negative ion functional finishing, Photocatalyst (photocatalysis) functional finishing, infrared thermal finishing and anti ultraviolet finishing. The products with these functional finishing technologies will not only meet the special needs of more consumers, but also promote the enterprises to further expand the market and win more profits

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