Functional professional wear museum open

recently, Shanxi Jingbai functional professional wear experience center, a museum with the theme of displaying functional professional wear, was officially opened to the public. The experience center is located in Nancun 1ndustrial Park, Zezhou County, Jincheng City, Shanxi Province. 1t is jointly established by Shanxi Jingbai Clothing Co., Ltd. and Beijing 1nstitute of clothing. 1t is a professional research base in the field of functional professional clothing in China

Jingbai functional professional clothing museum was built by Jingbai after three years of preparation and collection, with an investment of nearly 8 million yuan. The exhibition hall consists of enterprise concept hall, industrial and mining functional clothing hall, building energy functional clothing hall, military functional clothing hall, fire functional clothing hall and other exhibition halls. There are more than 300 exhibits of different professional scenes in 10 exhibition halls

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