further interpretation of the significance of wearing professional clothes

Originally, wearing professional clothes has a psychological effect, that is, it is now working time, you should put down all the things that have nothing to do with your homework, and forget all the unpleasant things outside. You should devote yourself to your homework. This kind of mental hint is very important and necessary. 1t’s very comfortable for us to go home and put on pajamas, or lie down or lie down, but if we put on evening dress, will you be so casual

originally, there are many kinds of mental hints, such as clock in. Many times, it’s not necessarily for attendance, but to inform you that after you punch in, you’ll be in the homework time

there are also desks and chairs, ergonomics, fruits and so on, all of which have such suggestive effects

there is another effect of professional wear, which is to show consistent beauty. Some people will say that only with characteristics is beauty. What is the beauty of consistency? 1 think those who say this must be those who are heavily influenced by western thinking. 1n the East, they usually regard uniformity, regularity and symmetry as the beauty. Just imagine why, during the National Day parade, the soldiers of the honor guard not only wear uniform clothes, but also have strict standards of height and body shape, not to mention lifting; The buildings and decorations in our country are symmetrical, which is the Chinese aesthetic. Once five colleagues in our company wore the same clothes to participate in a dinner party, leaving an excellent image for the host, saying that our company attaches great importance to the image and is very formal

there are also occupations with the meaning of publicity. For example, many employees in the service industry wear clothes printed with the company’s logo and brand name. Wherever they go, it is an activity advertisement

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