Further strengthen red line awareness and bottom line thinking

The city’s work safety meeting was held yesterday. Hu Henghua, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee, mayor and director of the municipal safety committee, stressed at the meeting that all departments and units in the city should firmly establish and strengthen the “red line awareness” and “bottom line thinking” of safety production, earnestly put the protection of people’s life and property safety in the first place, correctly handle the relationship between accelerating development and safety production, and promote the safety development and scientific development of Changsha. Vice Mayor He Jihua attended the meeting

in the past year, the situation of work safety in Changsha has been stable and good on the whole, the work of work safety has been promoted solidly, and the number of deaths and injuries in accidents has decreased b2.7% and 0.99% respectively on a year-on-year basis. Changsha was rated as “advanced unit of work safety in 2013” by the provincial Party committee and the provincial government. This year, we should firmly focus on the work goal of “four reductions and three promotions”, that is, reducing the total number of accidents, reducing the number of deaths, reducing the number of injuries, and reducing the number of economic losses; 1mprove the ability of safety assurance, improve the level of safety supervision, improve the level of enterprise intrinsic safety, and ensure the continuous and stable improvement of the city’s production safety situation

in order to do a good job in production safety at present and in the future, Hu Henghua stressed that we should further strengthen the “red line awareness” of production safety. Departments at all levels should always put the safety of people’s lives and property in the first place, always regard safety in production as a matter of great importance to the overall situation, and never lower the safety threshold or relax safety standards in pursuit of temporary development. We should further improve the supervision ability of work safety. We should speed up the process of legalization of work safety and ensure that there are laws to be observed and the law enforcement must be strict; We will strengthen safety management in key industries to prevent and curb all kinds of accidents; Strictly implement the main responsibility of enterprises, deeply promote the establishment of enterprise safety production standardization, and actively promote the self inspection, self reporting and self correction system of enterprise hidden danger. We should further promote the implementation of work safety responsibilities. We should earnestly implement the principle of “who checks, who signs and who is responsible”; We will improve the assessment system for work safety, improve the investigation and punishment system for work safety accidents and the accountability system, so as to ensure that all responsibilities are investigated

Hu Henghua stressed that the national “two sessions” will soon be held, and the main responsible persons of various departments at all levels should earnestly shoulder the responsibility of the first person responsible for work safety, enhance political awareness, strengthen organizational leadership, strictly enforce work discipline, implement the system of leaders leading shifts and 24-hour duty, and effectively prevent the occurrence of major safety accidents

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