Fushun Federation of trade unions to strengthen the supervision of labor protection articles

in order to effectively strengthen the supervision of labor protection articles, Liaoning Fushun Federation of trade unions, together with the Municipal Bureau of work safety and the Municipal Construction Commission, has carried out special inspection activities on labor protection articles in petrochemical, metallurgy, machinery, construction, electric power and other industries since April this year

in the past eight months, the special inspection joint inspection team has gone deep into the grass-roots units, focusing on the inspection of the equipment, storage, distribution and wearing of safety helmets, safety belts, safety nets, dust masks, gas masks and other supplies. 1nspection found that individual enterprises lack of labor protection supplies distribution ledger, overdue use of labor protection supplies, employees do not correctly wear safety helmets and other phenomena. The joint inspection team issued a notice of rectification within a time limit to these enterprises and tracked the implementation of rectification

Author: Zheng Yaohui

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