Fuyang Huayuan launches cool fiber products

recently, Fuyang Huayuan Textile Co., Ltd. has successfully developed a series of cool fiber wincool products. The fabric produced with this fiber has three advantages of coolness, comfort and energy saving, which meets people’s good wishes of fighting global warming with “energy saving shirt”

the wincool series of cool fibers “weave” the composite mineral powder which is good at heat conduction and heat dissipation into the fiber, so that the feeling of cool and smooth can be transferred to the skin through the yarn, so that the clothing has instant coolness. 1ts special-shaped cross-section structure makes the fiber show a concave convex “cross” section shape, just like adding a “drainage ditch” artificially, imitating capillary sweat absorption effect, 1t can make the fabric absorb the sweat and moisture on the surface of the skin quickly, spread to the surface of the fabric and evaporate, making the clothes dry instantly, with strong comfort. Cool fiber can be used in shirt, underwear, sportswear, bedding and other fields

Author: Du Minzhi

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