Gansu and Qinghai fire fighting joint exercises

1n order to continue to carry out the campaign of “eliminating fire”, further strengthen the fire safety management of shopping malls and residential buildings, and effectively prevent and resolutely curb the occurrence of fire accidents involving mass casualties, a few days ago, Qili town brigade of Jiuquan City, together with oilfield fire brigade, went deep into Jian’an commercial building under its jurisdiction to jointly carry out fire fighting and emergency evacuation drills

in the afternoon of that day, the women’s clothing area on the second floor of Jian’an business building of Sifang service company of Qinghai Oilfield was on fire. When the fire was found, the shopping mall immediately started the fire emergency broadcast and “called the police” at the same time. At 15:02, the full-time fire brigade of Qinghai Oilfield immediately dispatched 2 fire engines and 7 firefighters to the scene after receiving the alarm; At 15:07, the full-time firefighters arrived at the scene and observed the fire. The commander immediately divided the firefighters into two groups. One group was connected to the nearby water source, and the other group was organized to evacuate the fire scene personnel orderly and quickly according to the fire escape route; Five minutes later, the fire was relieved, and the whole drill process was tense and orderly. After the drill, the fire supervisors of Qili town brigade conducted a fire safety training for employees and customers with the theme of how to report fire, fire prevention, self rescue and escape methods

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