Gansu Provincial Safety Committee supervises safety production: safety helmet and safety belt should not be careless

On July 25 and 26, the first supervision team of Gansu Provincial Safety Committee, composed of the supervision office of Gansu provincial Party committee, the Provincial Safety Supervision Bureau, the provincial public security department and the provincial transportation department, went to Lanzhou New Area, Yongdeng, Xigu and Chengguan to inspect the implementation of work safety

“Hello, driver friend, please show me your driving license” “passengers, please be sure to fasten your seat belt”. On July 25, the first inspection team of the provincial safety committee entered Yongdeng County to inspect the road traffic safety situation. Halfway, vice mayor Xu Bo proposed to the inspection team, The original plan of Yongdeng County long-distance bus station inspection is changed to the surprise inspection of buses on the road, in order to understand the more real bus safety situation. At 4:20 p.m., two Yutong buses from Yongdeng to Lanzhou drove into the road section near Dashagou village, Kushui town. After inspection, the inspection team found that the two buses were not overloaded, fire extinguishers, safety hammers and other fire emergency facilities were complete, and the driver’s license was complete, but many passengers did not wear seat belts, The members of the inspection team and the traffic police will timely remind the passengers after checking one by one. 1t is reported that Yongdeng County has investigated and dealt with 368 cases of serious overloading violations and seized 585 unlicensed and unlicensed vehicles in the previous two-month special rectification of rural road traffic safety< At 11:30 a.m. on July 25, Zhao Xiaohui, deputy director of the Occupational Health Department of the Provincial Safety Supervision Bureau, found that the yellow and red safety helmets of the construction workers were weak and unqualified. The workers said that they bought the safety helmets themselves. Zhao Xiaohui reminded the project leader of China Construction Third Engineering Bureau, "the details of safety helmet, safety belt and safety net must not be careless." Since July, Lanzhou New Area has supervised and inspected 34 municipal road projects under construction, one municipal public project, 94 unit projects of 36 construction projects, and 10 ready mixed concrete production enterprises within the scope of the new area. At present, 21 quality and safety rectification notices have been issued, and 6 have been fed back for rectification(China labor insurance net)

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