Gaomi City takes many measures to create a perfect soft environment for enterprise transformation and upgrading

To help solve the problems that affect the production and operation of enterprises and restrict the reform and development of enterprises is a concrete embodiment of the in-depth implementation of the work style construction year, and also an effective measure to serve enterprises. Gaomi City adheres to the principle of “strengthening the city by industry and prospering the city by industry”, carries out the “key enterprise promotion project” in depth, actively innovates its working methods, and strives to create a perfect soft environment for the transformation and development of enterprises

strengthen the support for enterprises’ technological transformation. For Vosges group, Haomai group and other enterprises, 8 imported equipment tax-free projects were handled, and the tax-free amount of equipment transformation reached more than 14.6 million yuan, which effectively promoted the enterprise’s equipment renewal and transformation. 11 projects such as “high-end car radial tire mold project” made by Haomai have been listed in the technological transformation oriented catalogue of enterprises in Shandong Province, and 75 projects such as “new enzyme project with an annual output of 10000 tons” by Kangdi en have been listed in the key technological transformation projects of Weifang City

speed up the deep integration of traditional enterprises. 25 key enterprises were organized to attend the training of two integrated management system in Weifang, and organizations such as Fu Shi Group and Wang Xiang food company participated in the training course of C1O, which opened up the vision of enterprises and popularized the specialized knowledge of “two integration”, “1nternet plus” and intelligent manufacturing. “Weifang” Haomai group was rated as a national pilot enterprise for the integration of industrialization and industrialization, and hengtao technology and other two enterprises were rated as provincial pilot enterprises for the integration of industrialization and industrialization

actively support enterprises to develop domestic and foreign markets. Zhenyoumei and other enterprises were organized to attend the second garment 1ntelligent Manufacturing Conference and flexible fast reaction technology summit 2017 in Shanghai, China 1nternational Sewing equipment exhibition, and visit Ningbo shengruisi group, Shanghai Gaomi chamber of Commerce, quantity products group, etc. More than 140 security products enterprises have been organized to participate in the 94th and 95th China labor protection products fair. The main products are labor protection gloves, safety shoes, leather, sole, packaging, shoe materials and accessories, covering the upstream, middle and downstream industrial chain of security products. Taihua food, Danhai biological and other food processing enterprises were organized to participate in the third China 1nternational Food, meat and aquatic products exhibition, which further broadened the vision of enterprises and obtained the latest information of international food processing industry in terms of market, products, processing technology and scientific research achievements

strengthen exchanges and cooperation between local enterprises and universities. Professor Wu Jihong and Cai Yingjie of Wuhan Textile University were invited to visit Gaocheng. During the visit, they signed a high-end fabric R & D project with Fuyuan printing and dyeing Co., Ltd., prepared to build a strategic alliance for technological innovation of printing and dyeing industry in Gaomi City, inspected zhenyoumei, Zhongbai Hanmei, Dengsheng security, simier and other enterprises, and focused on the discussion of intelligent factory, intelligent management, intelligent management and intelligent management Digital workshop project. Xingyu glove cooperates with Donghua University in R & D and production of anti cutting gloves, and has signed an agreement on R & D of high strength polyethylene fiber and anti puncture equipment fiber materials. Baoanlai Shoes Co., Ltd. has signed a letter of intent for the cooperation project of high temperature resistant safety shoes with the school of chemical engineering of Lanzhou University, which plays an important role in promoting the development of new products and enhancing the scientific and technological content of products

organize enterprises to learn advanced experience. The Municipal Textile and garment industry advisory and steering committee organized and led the Municipal Bureau of economy and information technology, science and Technology Bureau, China Merchants Bureau, simier, Fuyuan printing and dyeing, cotton textile association and other units to visit Wuhan Textile University. The delegation visited the science and Technology Museum, State Key Laboratory of textile materials, Jihua 3506 factory, etc., and discussed the Gaomi Research 1nstitute of Wuhan Textile University, intelligent chemical plant, industry university research cooperation, etc. Later, Vosges home textile, SMER clothing, Tianfu home textile and other enterprises were organized to visit handu clothing house in Jinan, so that the enterprises could connect with a higher-level e-commerce platform, further expand the sales channels of Gaomi clothing and bedding, and reach a consensus with Du Tingguo, a hometown of Gaomi and co-founder of the company, to set up “handu clothing house Gaomi clothing design and Development Research 1nstitute” in Gaomi City, 1n the fabric development, clothing processing and other aspects with the local textile and clothing industry comprehensive depth cooperation. The next step is to set up three supply chain bases in the whole country, and the supply chain in Shandong is intended to be set up in Gaomi. Haiyu, Aolong and other enterprises were organized to Guangzhou to exchange views on main raw material prices, environmental protection issues, overcapacity, industry self-discipline and docking with shoe-making enterprises

strive to create a good development environment for enterprises. We should conscientiously implement the spirit of the documents issued by the central government, the province and Weifang City to support the transformation and development of enterprises, and actively connect with enterprises in the form of research and seminars, so as to timely understand the operation and transformation and development of enterprises. The Municipal Textile and garment industry advisory and steering committee organized the economic and 1nformation Bureau, China Merchants Bureau, science and Technology Bureau, Economic Committee of the Municipal Committee of the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference and other relevant departments to hold seminars on Vosges, Yinying chemical fiber, Dachang, simier clothing, Fuyuan printing and dyeing, Hongchang textile and other enterprises for many times by means of centralized discussion and visiting key enterprises, so as to conduct in-depth enterprise research and further find out the industrial situation and enterprise demand, 1n view of the specific problems existing in the enterprise, suggestions and opinions are put forward, which are revised repeatedly to form a research report(Gaomi Soft Environment Office)

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