Gaomi Economic Development Zone focuses on promoting the construction of security supplies industrial park

Relying on a pair of security gloves, Shandong Xingyu gloves Co., Ltd., located in Gaomi Economic Development Zone, has realized the transformation from a manual workshop to a large enterprise. The Gaomi enterprise, which accounted for nearly 35% of the domestic security glove Market last year, is transforming to the high-end and environmental protection direction. The newly launched security glove without chemical residues and additives is currently the only one that can be produced in China. The export price of a pair of gloves reaches 100 yuan” Our product quality has won the favor of Ansel, the world’s largest supplier of security products. After nearly five years of investigation, we have become their designated manufacturer in China. ” Xingyu glove business management department director Zhang Yongzi told reporters

Gaomi Dengsheng Security Technology Co., Ltd., which is not far from Xingyu gloves, won the first prize in the labor protection gloves competition of the National Antarctic scientific research ship Xuelong by virtue of its excellent quality. At the beginning of this year, the gloves worn by the members of the Xuelong scientific research team in the extremely cold weather of minus 30 degrees Celsius were made in this enterprise. At present, in Gaomi Economic Development Zone, security products enterprises, including Xingyu gloves and Dengsheng security technology, have gathered to form two product systems, which are mainly labor protection gloves and labor protection shoes. They have become a well-known security products production area in China. After more than 20 years of development, there are more than 280 security products enterprises at present< How to promote the upgrading of this traditional industry? 1n this regard, Gaomi economic development zone aims to cultivate 10 billion level industrial clusters, focuses on promoting the construction of security products 1ndustrial Park, takes advanced protective products production base, trade distribution center and modern service industry center as positioning, and plans to build four functional areas, including Xingyu Eastern Development Zone, Dengsheng Eastern Development Zone, small and medium-sized project development zone and logistics exhibition service zone. At present, the construction of Xingyu phase 11 and Dengsheng phase 11 of the security products industrial park is speeding up. After completion, it is estimated that the annual output value will exceed 10 billion yuan and the profits and taxes will reach 1 billion yuan< At the same time, Gaomi Economic Development Zone has also planned a wood industrial park project in Nanqu village. Through the planning and construction of furniture Square, furniture museum, scientific research and testing center, theme museum, furniture exhibition and sales center, and furniture logistics center, Gaomi Economic Development Zone will further promote the retreat from the village to the park, and realize the integration of raw material procurement, furniture product classification production, sales, logistics Exhibition in one of the complete industrial chain, to create a new growth pole of 1ndustrial Development Zone while promoting the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, Gaomi Economic Development Zone accelerates the development of advanced manufacturing industry and strives to cultivate new economic growth points “at the beginning of this year, Haomai group formulated the development plan of” doubling in three years and rebuilding two new Haomai in five years “. 1n the first three quarters of this year, the group’s total industrial output value and main business income increased by 24.5% and 18.4% respectively year-on-year, and continued to maintain a high-speed growth trend. ” Zhang Gongyun, chairman of Haomai group, said. 1n Gaomi Economic Development Zone, some vocational schools in Haomai education park with an investment of 260 million yuan have been completed and put into use. Key industrial projects such as high-grade precision casting, high-grade tire mold, and Haomai expert apartment project are under high standard construction. Haomai hospital is actively planning. 1n addition, the completed “Haomai home” project integrating training, accommodation and leisure is in production, transportation and transportation The heroic system of life and ecology has been formed “through the implementation of the capacity expansion and quality improvement project of Haomai mechanical equipment 1ndustrial Park, we will support the leading enterprise of Haomai to continuously speed up the transformation of new and old kinetic energy, and strive to build a quality town with Haomai characteristics. We will transfer 1500 mu of land for the second venture of Haomai machinery and equipment industrial park. Through the implementation of all-round “nanny” service, we will help Haomai achieve the goal of “industry 4.0″ and further enlarge the Haomai effect. ” Wang Xiaohui, deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Gaomi Economic Development Zone, said in addition, relying on the industrial foundation of Haomai group in the fields of aviation blades, aeroengine, etc., and taking advantage of the location advantage of only 20 km away from Qingdao airport, the district plans and designs a number of projects such as aviation exhibition hall, aviation experience center, etc., and strives to build a quality town with aviation characteristics integrating aviation community, flight exhibition, convalescence and leisure, Speed up the project of School of Aeronautics of Qingdao University of technology, and realize the cultivation and transportation of aviation talents as soon as possible

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