Gaomi shoemaking industry enters a new era of brand creation

recently, the fourth enlarged meeting of the Sixth Council of China Leather Association was held in Shanghai Hongqiao Hotel. Jia Qinqin, vice mayor of Gaomi City, Shandong Province, attended the meeting and accepted the award and speech of “Gaomi, China’s shoe production base”

at the meeting, Jia Qinqin said that as a production base of China’s shoe industry, Gaomi’s shoe industry is now entering a new round of adjustment period with upgrading and brand creation as the core. 1n the face of new opportunities and challenges, Gaomi municipal Party committee, municipal government and shoe-making enterprises are and will continue to make efforts, especially in the implementation of brand strategy, the improvement of environmental protection and working conditions, the increase of product science and technology content, the improvement of design level and the improvement of management skills to take various effective measures to ensure the sustainable development of the whole shoe-making industry

it is understood that up to now, China Leather Association has signed co construction agreements with the governments of ten characteristic regions

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