Gaomi zhanglusi village creates labor protection products gathering area with the help of e-commerce platform

The annual “double 11” is coming, which is called “hand chopping Festival” and has become a grand festival for global consumers. Behind the grand occasion is the vigorous development of e-commerce. 1n this tide, Weifang bravely stands at the head of the tide and activates the infinite power of economic innovation and development through e-commerce. To this end, this paper launched a series of reports on “Weifang e-commerce road” to comprehensively understand the development process and blueprint of Weifang e-commerce from five aspects: the development of Taobao village, agricultural products e-commerce, cross-border e-commerce, logistics distribution, and the main problems and development direction of e-commerce

“Ding Ling…” at 6 am, Zhou Shilong’s alarm clock went off on time. The first thing he did when he got up was to turn on the computer. The information that he didn’t reply in time the night before popped up. 1n the interval of replying to the message, he washed up in a hurry and started a busy day” As the “double 11” is approaching, he is tired and happy with the rising orders. Zhanglusi village in Gaomi Economic Development Zone, where Zhou Shilong is located, is a labor protection products gathering area. Last year, it became the first “Taobao village” in our city. Every day, 20000 or 30000 pairs of labor protection shoes are sent from zhanglusi village and surrounding villages to all parts of the country< On Novembe3, the reporter came to zhanglusi village and found that "non-stop" is the normal life here. The villagers are either busy receiving orders online, or busy delivering goods, or busy processing and production once upon a time, zhanglusi village was an ordinary village. Driven by e-commerce, the village has formed an industrial chain integrating materials, design, production, sales and logistics. 1n October 2016, Ali Research 1nstitute released the Research Report on China’s Taobao village, which shows that there are 108 “Taobao villages” in Shandong Province, among which zhanglusi village is one, which is also the first real “Taobao village” in Weifang the reporter met Zhou Shilong and his labor protection company. Five or six computers on his desk work at the same time. The first thing to go to work every day is to look at the data of the previous day, such as turnover, turnover, etc., so as to have a clear idea. From one person’s Taobao store to the scale of 40 or 50 people, the sales volume has increased from several pairs per day to 6000 or 7000 pairs per day, and the annual sales volume has increased from tens of thousands to 50 million. For three consecutive years, Zhou Shilong, who is known as the “king of labor protection shoes” by the local people, has been ranked the first in the sales of labor protection shoes in China born in 1987, Zhou Shilong once worked as a Taobao shop for one year while studying in Jinan. After returning to his hometown zhanglusi village, in August 2009, he invested all the money he earned and started his “labor insurance online marketing career”, becoming the first person to eat crabs in the village. When the online store just started, business was not good, only a few pairs of shoes a day, more than a dozen pairs. At that time, there was only Shentong express in the village, and other express needed to be sent to Jiaozhou or Gaomi. Zhou Shilong has been learning and groping for more than a year. The online store has finally been recognized by customers, and its sales are also growing “Taobao village” growth story every day, 20000 or 30000 pairs of labor protection shoes are sold all over the country Zhou Shilong, who has tasted the sweetness, devoted himself to the operation of the online store, and later established the company, and now has more than 40 employees. He built a three story office building in the village, and several large warehouses, which are particularly conspicuous from the village road it was the whole zhanglusi village that turned with Zhou Shilong’s fate. Gaomi is the production base of labor protection products in China. Zhanglusi village is a natural village located in the east of Gaomi. The village is small and has more than 200 households. The villagers have been engaged in labor protection shoes industry for nearly 40 years” Zhanglusi village has been mainly engaged in the processing and sales of agricultural and traditional labor protection shoes, with extensive production mode. ” Talking about zhanglusi village ten years ago, Liu Hua, Secretary of the Party committee of Zhanglu community, has deep feelings. At that time, the production and processing of labor protection shoes were mainly family style small workshops, and the young generation went out to work one after another. Now everything has changed because of e-commerce Liu Hua recalled that the news that “Zhou Shilong made money by opening an online shop” soon spread throughout the village. For a time, “open online shop” has become the target pursued by villagers. This small village, which has adhered to the traditional labor protection shoes processing and sales for nearly 40 years, has rapidly upgraded and transformed with the help of the e-commerce platform “Taobao”. At present, zhanglusi village and its surrounding villages have more than 80 online stores of a certain scale, of which nearly 10 stores sell more than 2000 or 3000 pairs every day. Young people “go back to the nest” one after another. Every year, many college students choose to go back to the village to open Taobao shop after graduation the online stores in the village are very busy no matter how big or small. According to incomplete statistics, 20000 or 30000 pairs of labor protection shoes are sent from zhanglusi village and surrounding villages to all parts of the country every day. According to Zhou Shilong, one third of local labor protection shoes are sold through 1nternet channels, with annual sales of more than 300 million yuan< On October 29, 2016, at the fourth China Taobao village Summit Forum, zhanglusi village was officially awarded the title of "China Taobao village" by Alibaba. At present, more than 80% of the labor protection shoe stores on taobao.com, no matter where they are located, are owned by villagers in zhanglusi village or nearby villages “the annual” double 11 “is coming again, and it is 10 times more than usual to prepare inventory in advance.” Zhou Shilong said that his online store sold 800000 pairs of shoes last year, and 50000 pairs were sold on the day of “double 11” alone. 1n order to prepare for this year’s “double 11”, they began to prepare from September… The big days of e-commerce have become the “baton” of their work and life the reporter followed Zhou Shilong to the local Shandong shunqiang Shoes Co., Ltd. in the large factory area, the workers were busy with their own processes in front of the machine” Seven or eight production lines produce more than 6000 pairs of labor protection shoes every day. ” Jing XiuXiu, head of the company, said Liu Hua said that there are more than 100 manufacturers of labor protection shoes in the community nowadays, and there are more than 20 large-scale shoe factories such as shunqiang shoes, which have many assembly lines and thousands of employees in addition to online sales and production of labor protection shoes, some villagers have also turned to work as couriers. 1n the words of Chu Zunsheng, Secretary of the village branch, “at least one husband and wife in the village is engaged in the labor protection shoes industry.”. E-commerce has promoted employment and Entrepreneurship of at least 50000 local people e-commerce has not only increased the income of villagers, but also greatly changed their way of life because of the rise of e-commerce, the villagers in zhanglusi village feel the most real changes. E-commerce has opened a new world for villagers, which not only promotes employment and increases income, but also improves their material life and spiritual life “after walking in the village, you will find that every family has built a new house and bought a car.” Liu Hua said that the well-developed e-commerce companies can earn 300000 yuan to 1 million yuan a year. Even the income level of ordinary workers in the workshop has been greatly improved. Wang YanXu, a 47 year old villager, worked in a local shoe factory for three years in charge of shoemaking. Before, he was a carpenter, and his family was struggling. Now the monthly salary is at least three or four thousand yuan, which is much better than before compared with ordinary rural areas, Taobao village is characterized by higher income and habit of online shopping. The reporter found that the villagers in zhanglusi village are more fashionable in lifestyle and dress, and they are more and more used to online shopping walking on the village road, there are people who collect and deliver goods from express companies everywhere. The old people ride tricycles to deliver goods, and the children help their parents pick up orders online. Don’t be surprised when children type “pro” on the 1nternet. 1t’s very common development establish an association to help small e-commerce enterprises develop together while busy, local people are also considering how to develop together and fight the market. Liu Hua believes that although the development of e-commerce in zhanglusi village is booming, there are not many large-scale e-commerce enterprises. Most small e-commerce enterprises are in a fragmented state, and the market lacks unified standard management. As a result, the quality of labor protection shoes produced and sold is uneven there is a plaque in Zhou Shilong’s office, which says “President of Gaomi 1nternet Trade Association of safety and protection articles”, which was established at the end of 2016″ With the establishment of the association, the e-commerce in zhanglusi village can develop in groups, leading the small by the large and supporting each other, which can reduce bad competition. ” Zhou Shilong said that by using the platform of the association, we can carry out resource integration and manpower training, standardize online marketing behavior, unify product quality and improve brand; 1t can form a strong “discourse platform” to negotiate with logistics, telecommunications and raw material suppliers to obtain low prices. The e-businesses in zhanglusi village have begun to think about the defects of their business model, trying to transform from “guerrilla warfare” to “group army warfare” since its establishment more than a year ago, the association has played a positive role, such as timely informing the industry of major changes, and regularly hiring professional teachers from Beijing and other big cities to give lectures. The village has also set up an e-commerce platform for college students in Gaomi Economic Development Zone to provide more young people with a stage for practical learning and high-quality talent resources for the development of e-commerce to apply for “Taobao town”, forming a continuous development trend under the influence of zhanglusi village, the e-commerce development of surrounding villages is also very rapid” Taobao village “villagers are not limited to zhanglusi village, in Gaomi and even the whole country, there are online shops opened by villagers. According to Alibaba’s requirements, when there are more than or equal to three administrative villages in a town, township or street that meet the standard of “Taobao village”, they can apply for “Taobao town”, which is a higher-level ecological phenomenon of rural e-commerce developed on the basis of “Taobao village”. Next, the local government plans to apply for “Taobao town”, so that “Taobao village” can form a continuous development trend< The reporter learned from the Gaomi economic development zone that at present, the zone has formed a security industry cluster, formed two product systems based on labor protection gloves and labor protection shoes, and gradually grown into the country's largest production base of security products, with sales revenue of 4.13 billion for Enterprises above designated size. 1n order to further cultivate a 10 billion level industrial cluster, build an advanced security industrial base, a trading and distribution center for security products and raw materials, and a modern service center, the economic development zone is actively planning to build a security supplies industrial park. After the completion of the park, the annual output value is expected to exceed 10 billion yuan, the profits and taxes will be 1 billion yuan, and 80 enterprises will be settled News extension seven e-commerce demonstration villages look at the characteristic industries one by one in recent years, our city has seized the new opportunities of 1nternet development, and e-commerce has been developing rapidly and continuously. 1n 2016, the city’s e-commerce transaction volume was about 241 billion yuan, ranking behind Qingdao (524.5 billion), Jinan (474.2 billion) and Linyi (245 billion), ranking fourth in the province, with a year-on-year growth of 31%. 1n the first half of 2017, the city’s e-commerce transaction volume was about 150 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 25% at present, seven administrative villages in our city have been recognized as the first batch of e-commerce demonstration villages in Shandong Province. They are: Chijia village, Huanglou street, Qingzhou City

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