Gaoyou power supply company is under pressure to win the medal of safety production

On April 14, State Grid Jiangsu Gaoyou power supply company won the medal of “2013 advanced unit of safety production” from the Gaoyou safety work conference. On the same day, Linze power supply station of the company “invited” the person in charge of the construction of the outsourcing unit to the station to learn the accident report together with the staff of the station, and investigated the potential safety hazards existing in the recent construction

as of April 14, the company has achieved 3763 consecutive days of safe production. After winning the medal awarded by Gaoyou safe production committee, the company not only failed to celebrate, but also felt great pressure on safe production in the face of the current comprehensive deployment of distribution and rural power grid projects. To this end, the company’s leading group members linked to different units such as power dispatching, rural distribution network management, engineering construction, power grid operation and maintenance, analyzed and learned from various accident notification lessons from different perspectives, and “looked back” on the early spring safety inspection work. At the same time, the company’s departments, units and power supply stations respectively check the equipment operation analysis and the use of safety tools, and check the unstable factors and personal protection measures in the equipment operation state; Focus on the on-site construction safety management of outsourcing units, and check the weak points in the implementation of safety measures and prevention of personal electric shock and injury in the on-site construction by the safety supervision team and the tracking personnel of power supply station. On the one hand, they give assessment and notification to the management violations, device violations, behavior violations and other problems, on the other hand, they timely formulate rectification and preventive measures

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