Garment enterprises face difficulties in the period of transformation

1n 2013, as one of the benchmark enterprises in China’s clothing industry, seven wolves showed a “declining trend” for the first time since it was listed on the stock market in ten years. The revenue and net profit decreased by more than 20%. The sales volume of five categories of products all grew negatively, closing 500 in a year. 1n the general depression of the clothing industry, the transformation and upgrading of the period, China’s local clothing enterprises to meet the difficulties, see the move

recently, the most concerned event in the textile and garment industry is the 2013 financial report released by seven wolves. Last year, as one of the benchmark enterprises in China’s garment industry, seven wolves showed a “declining trend” for the first time since it was listed on the stock market in ten years. 1ts revenue and net profit decreased by more than 20%. The sales volume of five categories of products all grew negatively, closing 500 in one year; Clothing brands such as LiLang, bosden and Dayang Chuangshi have also declined to varying degrees. However, clothing enterprises have shown confidence in the future market. 1n addition to Fuguiniao and carbine, which were listed in Hong Kong last year, have handed over a financial statement to the satisfaction of shareholders, other clothing enterprises have also made efforts to find “opportunities” in the “crisis”

“basically, we keep the speed of opening a new store every day.” Shi Mingxiao, general manager of Backstreet Boys’ clothing, said happily that during the May Day holiday, Backstreet Boys’ special-shaped brand of “men’s wear” opened three stores in Anhai, Fujian, Yichun, Jiangxi and Jiangmen, Guangdong; At the same time, langdao clothing has recently opened a number of stores in shangyuecheng and Wanda. For Liu Yiqun, its chairman and artistic director, the box office of “you at the same table” is now more than 200 million Liu Yiqun said that the continuous rise of box office will also boost the sales of star fashion of langdao” Our overall plan this year is to “make progress while maintaining stability.”. Hong Shaopei, chairman of Jinyuan clothing, used “OK” when talking about the sales in 2013, “Jinyuan this year is mainly” hard working “

clothing industry: no reform, equal to death

“no reform, just wait for death.” Zhou Shaoxiong, chairman of seven wolves 1ndustrial Co., Ltd., said in an interview that he was “not satisfied” with the current situation of seven wolves” Even most of the old people in the industry say that reform is necessary. What are we afraid of? ” Wang Qindu, executive director of gage (China) textile and dyeing Clothing Co., Ltd., believes that the current clothing industry has entered an era of “new change”. Whether it is a brand operation enterprise or a OEM enterprise, “gage also needs self revolution”. 1t is understood that today’s seven wolves are carrying out a major reform in the organizational structure, transforming from the previous production-oriented organizational structure to the retail oriented organizational structure, and establishing five business divisions, namely marketing division, brand division, e-commerce company, supply chain division and it (back office) division

don’t go the ordinary way

“we need to ‘don’t go the ordinary way.'” Shi Mingxiao said that the current trend of fashion in men’s wear field has become a foregone conclusion, China’s men’s wear market is in line with international standards, and fashion consumers and consumption concepts are undergoing great changes. 1n Shi Mingxiao’s view, in order to develop high-end men’s wear, we should improve the added value of the brand, pursue the men’s wear brand with high-grade, good fabric, fashionable style, intensive cultivation technology and comfortable wearing. 1n the rapid economic development, we can find a greater opportunity for development, “personalized brand style is particularly important”. 1n order to avoid homogenization, We must make rapid adjustments according to the market fashion trend. 1f there are 50 brands in the market, we should not be the same as the other 49 brands. And heteromorphism is rising rapidly with the market acumen of fast fashion and personalized design style. “Our design team has 18 excellent designers. With the fast fashion brand supply chain, we firmly grasp the international fashion trend, maintain the product positioning style, and lead the market with the new fashion trend of fashionable men.” Shi Mingxiao said that heteromorphic brands only require two points, one is “fast fashion”, the other is “making money”, and “only the combination of the two can be invincible, and both are indispensable”

open up a “second battlefield”

langdao always adheres to the historical mission of “China’s first denim brand” and takes the name of designer brand. Although the overall environment is not good, it can not stop Liu Yiqun’s determination to speed up the expansion of the store, and through fashion week, film implantation, etc., it increases the brand publicity of langdao; Jinyuan not only makes professional wear the forefront of the industry, but also opens up a “second battlefield” through the wewe brand to enter the field of more popular and diversified fashion women’s wear, competing with famous brands such as Ou Shili, “at present, 1 am also paying attention to some marketing projects that are more suitable for Jinyuan.” Hong Shaopei said that while training his internal skills, he should also look for external expansion of fighters to achieve “two pronged approach”

“overall, it’s good, a little higher than the same period last year.” Qiu Yongxing, person in charge of Fuguiniao group’s e-commerce, said that this year, Fuguiniao has added a highly concerned sales platform such as vipshop, in addition to maintaining traditional e-commerce channels such as tmall and Jingdong. “According to this progress, we should be able to achieve the group’s target this year.”

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