Gas mask appears at Beijing Guangzhu run

in recent days, the haze in Beijing has been serious, and even the annual “pig run” has been deeply affected. No, at yesterday’s opening ceremony, some of the fans who wore underwear for boys and three-point dress for girls were wearing gas masks. To be able to expose your body, but to be isolated from the air, is really helpless

the “bare pig race” was organized by netizens and held in Beijing Olympic Forest Park. Dozens of runners gathered in the Olympic Forest Park to launch a unique “streaking” activity. Participants are required to run 3.5km naked in their underwear to complete the competition. Organizers hope to promote people’s close to nature and healthy life in this way

on February 26, 2012, the first “bare pig race” was held in Beijing Olympic Forest Park, which may break the Guinness world record for underwear race

on February 24, 2013, runners gathered in Beijing Olympic Forest Park to participate in the second “light pig run” activity. The “light pigs” only wear underwear (one for men and two for women, and can wear other cold protection accessories) to complete the 3.5km long run and show their personality in the cold winter

in recent years, various environmental protection organizations have encouraged people to participate in environmental protection activities in various forms. The harmonious coexistence between human and nature will bring about harmonious ecology and comfortable livable paradise. 1 hope our competitors will not need to wear gas masks in the next “light pig race”

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