Gas mask prices affect miners’ safety

1n recent years, we often hear about mine accidents, especially the deaths of many miners, which bring great obstacles to the society. There are also many warnings about the safety accidents of the whole mine. 1n fact, it is also related to the problem of gas masks. Our mine organizations do not care about the price of gas masks, in fact, they lack such awareness, 1t is this kind of consciousness that has brought disaster to many people

nowadays, many small mine organizations lack such safety awareness and do not buy gas masks. 1n fact, the price of gas masks is not too high, but such gas masks can bring you a sense of security. There are many mine disasters. Our country has always insisted on carrying out fire safety management of “all staff, all process and all day”, Also let more people see the safety, have a real sense of safety

there are many accidents under the mine, such as the short circuit of some related high-voltage wires, which are very likely to cause fire, and some related cable fires. Such accidents are also very dangerous. 1n fact, we really don’t need to pay attention to the price of any gas mask and have more safety awareness, Our lives will be more guaranteed. 1n fact, it is also to make our families feel more at ease. These awareness are the awareness that we really need to strengthen to maintain the safety of plane operation. 1f there is a problem, timely dial the relevant call for help, put on anti-virus masks, leave the scene, and timely issue orders to let more staff leave the scene, That’s the real mission

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