Gas masks in grain and oil storage industry

The grain storage industry mainly refers to the Grain Bureau and grain reserve management departments of the local government. Around April 20, 2012, the State Administration of work safety conveyed to its subordinate grain storage units: “the self-priming filter gas mask is not suitable for all kinds of grain and oil storage and processing enterprises” So, you can’t help asking, why is the self-priming filter gas mask not suitable for the warehousing industry? What kind of gas mask does the warehousing industry need to choose? The following small series to give you a detailed answer

1. why is self-priming gas mask not suitable for grain and oil storage industry

the first thing to understand is that the self-priming filter type gas mask mainly refers to class B respiratory protective equipment. The gas mask generally contains a filter box. 1ts working principle is to obtain the air filtered by the filter box by relying on the breathing pressure difference of the user, and the exhaled gas cannot be discharged through the filter box. 1t flows out through the exhalation valve. The biggest premise of using self-priming filter gas mask is that there must be enough oxygen content in the working environment (oxygen content shall not be less than 19.5%), and the selection of gas filter box must be able to effectively prevent the invasion of toxic gases in the environment< However, PHOSPH1NE REC1RCULAT1ON FUM1GAT1ON is generally used in the grain and oil storage industry to force the fumigation gas circulation by equipment, so as to promote its rapid and uniform distribution in the grain pile, so as to kill insects more quickly and thoroughly. 1n this way, when we are working, the biggest problem is that the warehouse is filled with a lot of phosphine gas, and the oxygen content is very low; At the same time, the selected gas mask must be able to effectively protect the human body from the harm of hydrogen sulfide. Combined with these two factors, the self-priming gas mask can not meet the requirements. Once this kind of gas mask is used, it is bound to lead to poisoning casualties< What kind of gas mask can be used in grain and oil storage industry since the oxygen content is low and contains highly toxic gases, it is recommended that you choose isolated gas masks. The protection level of the isolation type gas mask is higher than that of the self-priming filter type gas mask, which belongs to A-level respiratory protective equipment. 1t mainly includes long tube respirator and air respirator. Although both of them can directly isolate toxic substances from human respiratory contact, their working principles are also different. The long tube respirator mainly uses the clean air source connected with the long tube to directly supply the user with breathing, while the air respirator uses the compressed gas cylinder as the air source to directly supply the user with compressed air the structure of the long tube respirator is that the user wears a gas mask, and then a long tube is connected to the mask. The length of the tube can be determined according to the distance between the specific position and the clean air source. 1ts biggest advantage is that it is light to wear, and the use time is not limited, but the disadvantage is that the length of the tube can not be unlimited. On the contrary, the advantage of air respirator is that it is not affected by the environmental location and is more flexible. However, due to the heavy gas, the user has a certain pressure on his back, and the compressed air of the cylinder is generally used for about 45 minutes, so the use time is limited therefore, when you choose a specific type of gas mask, you must choose a long tube respirator or an air respirator according to the specific environment. At the same time, after ordering respiratory protective equipment, you must operate according to the product instructions, keep it properly, and do a good job in daily inspection and maintenance our website solemnly declares that this article is reprinted by network media, only representing the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with our website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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