Gas poisoning in a basement of the road

At about 7:00 on the 25th, gas poisoning occurred in an underground cold storage at the intersection of Jianguo North Erdao street and Gongle West Erdao street in Daoli District of Harbin city. A watchman was fumigated and collapsed in the toilet. The officers and soldiers of Aijian fire squadron rushed to the scene and rescued the old man. Later, they were sent to the hospital by 120 ambulance for treatment. At present, after rescue, the old man has been out of danger

the old man was rescued from the basement by rescue workers

the reporter rushed to the scene and saw that the first floor is a comprehensive market, the basement is a cold storage, and many fire engines are parked near the scene. The fire officers and soldiers wear heavy chemical protective clothing and air breathing apparatus to enter the basement for investigation. At this time, the scene has been cordoned off

according to the fire officers and soldiers participating in the rescue, a woman told them that there was a blackout for 2 hours underground last night, but she didn’t answer the phone call to the old man who was on duty in the morning. She thought something was wrong with the old man. When the woman went underground to check the situation of the old man, she was dizzy and had difficulty breathing, and then called 119 to call the police

after the fire officers and soldiers arrived at the scene, they entered the basement to rescue the trapped old man. Because 120 emergency personnel had not arrived at the scene, Chen Yuejian, deputy squadron leader of Aijian fire squadron, carried out cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and the old man got better. Then 120 emergency personnel arrived at the scene and sent the old man to Harbin First Hospital for treatment

fire officers and soldiers enter the basement for investigation and lift out the oxygen cylinder and an acetylene cylinder in the basement. The reporter learned from the first hospital of Harbin that the old man surnamed Xu, who was stunned by smoking, was sober and not seriously affected. According to Xu Laohan, at about 5 am, when 1 went to the toilet, 1 smelled a peculiar smell in the room. Before 1 had time to react, 1 fainted in the toilet and lay on the hospital bed when 1 woke up

according to the analysis of on-site rescue personnel, it is possible that the concentration of carbon monoxide and other gases is high during indoor electric welding construction, and the specific reasons need to be further investigated

tips of China labor protection website:

when entering or working in confined space, respiratory protective equipment and protective clothing must be worn according to the working environment to prevent poisoning. Like the basement cold storage in this article, because it needs a long time to work, Xiaobian suggests to wear electric air supply type long tube respirator, and also need to do a good job in ventilation measures, put up danger signs to guard against accidents

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