Geerda shoes produces working shoes for Fujian Higher People’s court

it is reported that in March this year, the group purchase department of geerda shoes won the bid of Fujian Provincial High Court at the shoes bidding meeting, and won the order of nearly 10000 pairs of work shoes. After many aspects of examination and investigation by Fujian High Court, geerda shoes has been recognized as having the conditions and ability to produce special work shoes

recently, leaders from the administrative equipment department of Fujian Higher People’s court came to Gilda shoes company to inspect the production of nearly 10000 pairs of work shoes customized here. When 1 went into Gilda production workshop, 1 saw that Gilda employees were stepping up the production of work shoes, and affirmed the progress and quality of shoe production. The production workshop of Gilda company is busy producing work shoes, and the production task is expected to be completed by the end of August

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