General Administration of work safety announced “4 – 16” dust explosion accident of Jiangsu Shuangma chemical

Notice of the State Administration of work safety on the “4.16” dust explosion accident of Jiangsu Nantong Rugao Shuangma Chemical Co., Ltd, About central enterprises:

at about 10:00 on April 16, 2014, during the normal production process of stearic acid prilling tower of Shuangma Chemical Co., Ltd. in Dongchen Town, Rugao City, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province (hereinafter referred to as Shuangma company), maintenance workers installed gas oscillators outside the conical silo at the bottom of the prilling tower and welded the support frame of atomizing water pipe, resulting in a stearic acid dust explosion accident, resulting in 8 deaths, Nine people were injured

established in June 1997, Shuangma company has 246 employees, mainly engaged in the production and sales of stearic acid and glycerol. At present, it has an annual production capacity of 100000 tons of stearic acid and 10000 tons of glycerol. The company uses imported palm oil as raw material to produce stearic acid and glycerol through catalytic hydrogenation, high-pressure hydrolysis, fatty acid distillation, glycerol refining, granulation and slicing. The granulation workshop with explosion and combustion is a double-layer steel structure workshop, with partial multi-layer towers. There are four granulation towers with a diameter of 4.5-7.0 meters and a height of about 27 meters, which are installed on a 5-meter steel structure platform; The pelletizing tower sprays stearic acid in the molten state from the top and cools it by contacting with the air flow from the bottom of the tower to form stearic acid particles

according to the preliminary analysis, the direct cause of the accident is that Shuangma company installed gas oscillator and repair welding atomization water pipe support frame for granulation tower welding without stopping to empty materials, and illegal fire caused stearic acid dust explosion, which led to the strength failure of steel structure support under the granulation tower and the collapse of granulation tower. The detailed cause of the accident is under further investigation

after the accident, the leading comrades of the Central Committee attached great importance to it and immediately gave important instructions to rescue the injured, find out the cause of the accident, draw inferences from one instance and strengthen the work safety of high-risk enterprises. The State Administration of work safety requires that the instructions of the central leading comrades be conscientiously implemented, experts be organized to find out the cause of the accident as soon as possible, the accident situation be reported, and similar accidents be prevented. 1n order to learn from the lessons, strictly prevent all kinds of dust explosion accidents, and ensure safe production, the following requirements are put forward:

first, implement the main responsibility of enterprise safety production, and strengthen the safety management of dust places. Relevant enterprises should fully understand the hazard of dust explosion, earnestly implement the main responsibility of enterprise safety production, and strengthen the safety management of dust places. First, it is necessary to strictly implement the relevant national laws and regulations, establish and improve the rules and regulations of dust safety management. Secondly, risk identification and assessment should be carried out for dust places, and regular detection should be carried out to strictly prevent the dust of equipment and places from reaching the explosion limit, so as to fundamentally prevent the occurrence of dust explosion accidents. Third, it is necessary to improve the ventilation and dust removal facilities, timely eliminate the dust accumulation in the place, equip the detection instrument in the dust place, timely detect the dust concentration in the place, and strictly prevent the dust from exceeding the standard. Explosion relief and flameproof devices of dust removal system must be kept in good condition and normal operation. Fourth, it is necessary to carry out safety production knowledge education and fire prevention and explosion-proof technology training for employees, so as to ensure that employees have the necessary dust explosion-proof knowledge, familiar with and master the relevant safety operation skills, and ensure safety production< Second, further strengthen the safety management of direct operations such as hot work. First, all regions should conscientiously implement the "ten regulations on ensuring production safety of chemical (hazardous chemical) enterprises" (No. 64 order of the State Administration of work safety) issued by the State Administration of work safety, and earnestly strengthen the safety supervision of direct operation. Second, relevant enterprises should improve the rules and regulations of direct operation in accordance with relevant national safety standards, seriously carry out risk analysis and assessment before direct operation such as hot work, and take measures such as cleaning, water spraying and dust removal before hot work in places with dust, so as to strictly prevent dust explosion caused by hot work. We should strictly implement the examination and approval system of direct operation, implement various preventive measures, and strictly prevent accidents. Third, the relevant enterprises should strengthen the management of the operation process of direct operation links such as hot work, equip personnel with corresponding ability for on-site monitoring, improve emergency equipment and facilities, and ensure timely and proper disposal of emergencies< Third, we should continue to carry out in-depth investigation and treatment of hidden dangers. First, the relevant enterprises should carry out a comprehensive and systematic investigation and rectification for the possible risks caused by dust. 1t is necessary to detect and analyze all the combustible dust in the enterprise, master its explosion limit and ignition energy value, and formulate targeted measures to eliminate dust safety hazards. Second, hazardous chemical enterprises should seriously carry out the investigation and treatment of hidden dangers in accordance with the requirements of the guidelines for the implementation of investigation and treatment of hidden dangers in hazardous chemical enterprises, so as to institutionalize and normalize the investigation and treatment of hidden dangers. Third, the safety supervision departments at all levels should organize experts to guide enterprises to comprehensively find hidden dangers in production safety, formulate rectification plans and measures, and improve the safety management level of enterprises< Fourthly, we should draw lessons from the accident and further strengthen safety supervision. All regions and departments should draw lessons from the accident, draw inferences from one instance, and further strengthen safety supervision in combination with the actual situation of the region. First, it is necessary to further strengthen the publicity, implementation and training of relevant safety supervision laws, regulations and standards, strengthen supervision and inspection, and ensure the implementation in place. The second is to take measures to comprehensively strengthen the safety management of chemical process, seriously carry out the construction of safety production standardization, and further promote the implementation of the main responsibility of enterprises. Third, further strengthen the supervision of relevant enterprises within the jurisdiction, strictly investigate and deal with violations of laws and regulations, and seriously investigate the responsibility of personnel responsible for the accident please convey this circular to all relevant enterprises State Administration of work safety April 23, 2014 this article is a reprint of the 1nternet media, which only represents the author’s point of view and has nothing to do with this website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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