General manager of labor insurance network was invited to attend the third China B2B e-commerce Conference

on December 29, the “Third China B2B e-commerce conference” sponsored by Tobit and co sponsored by Tencent enterprise, Jingdong new channel, steel bank e-commerce and yunniao technology was solemnly held in Shanghai Everbright Exhibition Center, and Wang xiuhai, general manager of labor insurance network, was invited to attend. The theme of this conference is “precipitation, value and integration”. Leaders from the Ministry of Commerce, relevant parts of Shanghai, China E-Commerce Association, development research center of the State Council and other departments, as well as business people and investors from the B2B industry, attended the meeting

Wang xiuhai (first from left), general manager of labor insurance network, took a group photo with Toby’s founder

the holding of this meeting has important guiding significance for B2B industry people to review history and explore the future development direction. The venue atmosphere is warm, and many B2B industry leaders participate in the event. 1n 2016, B2B experienced a year of “ice and fire”. The choice of capital is more rational, and a group of enterprises that have not really improved efficiency and unclear profit model are more difficult or even quit. The value of B2B platform in the future lies in optimizing channels, allocating social resources more efficiently, reducing intermediate links, introducing information management, and improving the efficiency of supply chain

Wang xiuhai, general manager of labor insurance network, said that participating in this grand meeting has profound reference significance for the development direction of labor insurance network and its brands. With the development of labor insurance industry, the intention to connect with the 1nternet is more urgent. Throughout the industry’s e-commerce platforms, each has its own advantages. How to really use the 1nternet as a double-edged sword is the key to success. 1n 2017, the labor insurance network, together with colleagues in the industry, continued to work hard for the better development of the labor insurance industry

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