General secretary Xi Jinping gave the national comprehensive fire rescue team a flag and gave instructions to encourage the fire rescue personnel.

Xinhua news agency, Beijing, November 10: new situation in China’s emergency management is initiated at the new historical starting point. General Secretary Xi Jinping gave the flag to the national comprehensive fire rescue team and gave instructions to encourage the fire rescue personnel

Xinhua News Agency Ye Haoming and Qi Zhong Xi

to the Chinese fire rescue team, the flag guard of honor guard, Li Jiahui, 1t’s a day 1’ll never forget. 1n November 9, 2018, general secretary Xi Jinping gave a flag to the national comprehensive fire rescue team and gave instructions. At the flag raising ceremony, he and his comrades escorted the team flag to the front of the general secretary. General Secretary Xi Jinping gave the flag to the contingent, thus revealing a new page in the development of China’s emergency management. Br/>
General Secretary Xi Jinping’s cordial care has greatly encouraged the fire rescue personnel. We all said that we should seriously study and understand the core meaning and rich connotation of the precepts, actively practice them in our work, earnestly integrate them into our blood and soul, and make new contributions to the party and the people

“strategic decision to adapt to the modernization of national governance system and governance capacity”

the establishment of national comprehensive fire rescue team is a strategic decision made by the Party Central Committee to adapt to the modernization of national governance system and governance capacity, and an important measure to build a national emergency rescue system in the new era based on China’s national conditions and disaster characteristics< Ren Lixin, the political commissar of the Jilin forest fire brigade, who has 27 years' fire age, has said excitedly after attending the flag ceremony. "Our fire and rescue personnel should deeply understand the scientific nature, correctness and necessity of general secretary Xi Jinping and the Party Central Committee and the State Council on the decision making and deployment of the national emergency rescue system. They are politically strongly supported and highly recognized by ideology." They are obedient in organization and follow closely in action. " “General Secretary Xi Jinping’s speech, scientifically answered” Why build a comprehensive national fire rescue team, build what kind of team, what to build this team. ” Hu Boyu, deputy squadron leader of Shenyang fire brigade of Liaoning fire brigade, said that the general secretary’s flag and admonition fully reflected the Party Central Committee’s high attention, deep trust and earnest entrustment to the team in the disaster and accident, we charged ahead and fought bravely for the safety of people’s life and property. For Ruan Zhengnan, commander of the first squadron of Xinxiang County brigade of Henan fire brigade, and his comrades in arms, this is their daily work< After learning from the speech of general secretary Xi Jinping, Mr Nguyen said that we are responsible for preventing and resolving major security risks and dealing with all kinds of disasters and accidents. 1n the future, we will be more strict with ourselves and strive to do our job well. We will advance bravely and bravely in order to safeguard the safety of people's lives and property. Br/>

“always be a loyal guard of the party and the people”

“although 1 took off my military uniform and police rank, 1 still firmly adhered to my choice and ambition. We are responsible for the country’s fire fighting business, and the career of fireman is my unswerving choice. “

9 noon, when he learned that general secretary Xi Jinping gave the flag and gave instructions to the national comprehensive fire rescue team, Ma Jiezhang, the squadron leader of the ancient squadron of the Yunnan forest fire brigade Lijiang detachment, said: “we must carry out the general secretary’s request for loyalty to the party, strict discipline, soup and fire, and dedication to the people.” Br / >
“resolutely obey the orders of the party and always be the loyal guard of the party and the people.” General secretary Xi Jinping’s request, thousands on thousands of Ma Jie Chang’s grass-roots firefighting and rescue personnel further enhanced the sense of political responsibility and historical mission, and further strengthened the iron team’s iron discipline. Br / >
“one car and six people in the duty group are on duty in the north of Dabei photo studio. Everything is normal at present. The report is over.” Pan Peihong, deputy squadron leader of Qianmen Xianyukou squadron of Dongcheng detachment of Beijing General brigade, and his comrades in arms are responsible for the fire protection and fire rescue in Qianmen area. Duty is their daily essential subject

“we will strictly abide by the requirements of general secretary Xi Jinping’s precepts, and be strict in discipline, adhere to the standards of disciplined services, carry forward the glorious traditions and fine style of work, strictly educate, strictly train, strictly manage, strictly demand, obey orders, obey orders, concentrate on unity and keep step with each other, and build iron teams with iron discipline.” Pan Peihong said

whether on duty or at the scene of disaster relief, the majority of fire rescue personnel are interpreting their responsibilities and missions with actions< This is the work record of Zhang Zhenfeng, political instructor of Shiqiao squadron of Guangzhou detachment of Guangdong fire brigade, who has been fighting for 11 years. He said that in accordance with the requirements of general secretary Xi Jinping's speech, he should aim at the positioning of the national team and the main force, press ahead with more spirited spirit and more tenacious fighting will, expand and innovate, and contribute to the development of emergency rescue. “when the people need it most, charge ahead” “people’s fire fighting is for the people”, which is the oath we once made. To choose this job, we need to be not afraid of difficulties and hardships, regardless of gains and losses, live up to our mission, and take safeguarding the safety of people’s lives and property as the most important thing. ” Hu Tao, political commissar of Baishan branch of Jilin Forest Fire Brigade, said “for a long time, the fire brigade, as the closest and most closely connected team with the common people, has been fighting where the people need it most General secretary Xi Jinping highly appraised the fire brigade and encouraged the fire rescue personnel to make persistent efforts. Br / >
in the early morning of the 9th, the street lamp was reflected on the face of Ye Zhuang, deputy leader of the first special service squadron of Wuhan detachment of Hubei fire brigade. He wiped his sweat and collected the equipment to return

in one year’s experience as a firefighter, ye Zhuang was awakened by the electric bell many times in his sleep and drove to the police late at night” When the bell rings, it means that the people are calling. As long as the people need, our 119 fire rescue team will be around the people in time. ” Ye Zhuang said

“1 have the honor to be a member of the great team in this great era. 1 feel that my mission is glorious and 1 have great responsibilities. 1 will shoulder my responsibilities and put the people in my heart, so as to realize the value of life in the process of fighting for the cause of emergency rescue of our motherland!” Yang Guolin, leader of Yili branch of Xinjiang forest fire brigade, said that he would continue to practice his skills and write a beautiful chapter of life in the border areas of the motherland

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