German scientists invent smart gloves for the elderly

if you have eyes, you can wear glasses. 1f you have ears, you can use hearing aids to help you, but there are few tools to help you resist the deterioration of touch. Many stroke patients and the elderly will face the problem of out of control touch, fingers can not feel external stimulation, become “clumsy”, which will seriously affect the quality of life of these people. A few days ago, scientists from Ruhr University in Bohong, Germany, developed a kind of irritating gloves, which can effectively reduce such damage

the research team explored the way of information communication between brain neurons, and found that high-frequency stimulation can improve the state of communication between cells. Based on this, the researchers invented a “smart glove”. The fingertips of the glove are equipped with electrical contacts, which can transmit short electrical pulses to stimulate the communication neurons in the brain, thus improving the tactile ability. Many patients wear these gloves to improve the ability and flexibility of their fingers to sense heat and cold

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