Germany research and development of anti electromagnetic wave and anti infrared radiation textiles

according to foreign media reports, the idea of sitting next to the rolling shutter shielding the solar radiation in summer, you can be protected from the electromagnetic radiation of the surrounding mobile phone signal tower, has now been translated into reality by German researchers. Scientists from Hohenstein Research 1nstitute of Germany, together with experts from 1TCF, have developed textiles with both electromagnetic radiation and infrared radiation protection functions

the chemical fiber of the textile is covered with indium tin oxide (1TO), which is a kind of transparent oxide compound used for smart phone touch screen. The experiment of hainstein Research 1nstitute shows that the textile has the characteristics of washing resistance, abrasion resistance and weathering resistance, and it will not cause harm to the environment and human body

according to hainstein Research 1nstitute, up to now, functional textiles only have the function of intercepting the electronic smoke released by electronic devices, or blocking the thermal radiation caused by fire or intensive solar radiation. Project leader Dr. Edith Classen said: “this new type of textile not only can effectively shield radiation, but also can prevent static electricity. 1t is an ideal personal protective equipment choice for employees in fire fighting, foundry and welding workshop, semiconductor industry and telecommunication system safety department.”

it is reported that the textile material will be further developed for military uniform products to protect soldiers from the tracking of infrared cameras and the threat of electromagnetic radiation

Author: Yun JUANJUAN

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