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each product has its own characteristics, and the face screen is the same. 1n terms of product materials, the face screens on the market now include PVC, PMMA, PC, Ca and PETG. From the cost of raw materials, PVC

PVC face screens are relatively common and have a high market share. The main reason is that PVC face screens are cheap, cost-effective and look very transparent, However, one of the biggest weaknesses of PVC is its poor impact resistance. When it encounters impact, it is easy to break, and it will cause injury if it pricks into the user’s face. The main purpose of protective equipment is to protect the user’s safety, so we generally do not recommend customers to use PVC face screens. But low price is really the most unique advantage of PVC panel. With the improvement of users’ safety awareness, it is hoped that inferior PVC face screens will be less. On the other hand, it’s not that all PVC products are poor. The softened PVC is used as the frame of the eye mask, which is very comfortable. Therefore, it can only be said that if the user needs to choose the anti impact surface screen, please try to avoid PVC material; 1f the user just to resist the ordinary anti splash, PVC face screen can also be. For example, the half screen (to prevent saliva splashing when speaking) worn by many restaurant employees should be made of PVC, with moderate price. 1f it is worn out, replace it. The overall cost is easy to accept after accounting. Therefore, PVC screen must be combined with the use of the environment to choose, not careless

PMMA panel is well-known as plexiglass panel. The biggest advantage of plexiglass panel is that it can be fixed to a certain state. The thickened PMMA panel can resist ultra-high radiant heat, such as steel plant, aluminum plant, glass plant, foundry and other places with high radiant heat are most used, with ultra-high cost performance. However, there are advantages and disadvantages. For 3mm and 5mm thickened PMMA face screens, the grams are too heavy, and some workers often say that the neck is not comfortable. 1n fact, our colleagues in the labor insurance industry all know that there is a general situation that people who buy labor insurance products don’t use them and people who use them don’t buy them. However, from the situation of visiting end users in recent years, more and more factories are willing to listen to the opinions and suggestions of users and choose products that really meet the needs of users

in fact, 1 also hope to have a product that is lighter and has the same performance. So a few years ago, blue eagle developed and launched an aluminum plated face screen, which solves the problem that the face screen is too heavy in weight. Because it works differently from ordinary transparent face screen, ordinary transparent face screen resists high radiation heat by absorbing heat by itself, The aluminized panel can reflect more than 80% of the radiant heat. However, the process of vacuum aluminum plating requires high temperature, so the cost of aluminum plating panel is still very high, so many factories will choose PMMA panel for cost consideration. Each product has its unique characteristics and market competitiveness. We often compare BYD with BMA. The face screen is also a truth. We have BMA, but we also need BYD to meet the needs of different markets

CA material is very rare in the market. Up to now, 1 only see a few CA material products in the domestic market, because the cost of raw materials is too high, but CA is really a long-term antifogging, long-term antifogging, long-term antifogging! Ha ha, the important thing has been said three times. 99% of the anti fog screens we see on the market are coated anti fog. The advantage of coated anti fog is low cost, but the disadvantage is that the anti fog function weakens to disappear soon after use. So it’s not unreasonable to say that every cent of the price is equal to every cent of the goods. Good products need to carry more high-quality raw materials and more scientific and complex processes, so the price will naturally be higher

PETG material is very rare in China (it may also be that 1 have little contact with it). This kind of material is relatively common in the United States. The reason why the cost of PETG material is higher than that of PC is probably because it is difficult to obtain PETG raw materials in China. 1n fact, the impact resistance of PETG is not as good as that of PC, the optical grade is similar, and the heat insulation performance is unknown. 1 have seen the PETG panel produced in Eastern Europe, but 1 am not sure about the price of export to China. Only in terms of material properties, PETG has no more outstanding advantages than PC

PC material is one of the most common materials for making face screens. Excellent performance, high-quality impact resistance, excellent optical grade and relatively stable raw material cost are the reasons why more and more manufacturers choose PC

one thing is that if the chemical splash resistant panel is of the same thickness, the best of these materials should be Ca, followed by PMMA, PC, PETG and PVC. 1 hope you can choose according to your own situation, not just considering the price. After all, safety and health are the most important(Jiang Huijun, Baohan safety protection equipment (Kunshan) Co., Ltd.

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