Give more work clothes to sanitation workers

On March 11 this year, the sanitation workers in Xinhua business district and Beijing Road of Xingqing District of Yinchuan city changed their new work clothes. However, the new clothes attracted a lot of bad reviews due to their dark color, poor reflective effect and not eye-catching

it is reasonable to say that the new work clothes should be better than the old ones, but why are they worse than before

many urban sanitation workers wear orange yellow, which is particularly eye-catching and can protect the personal safety of sanitation workers. But this color of clothing also has some disadvantages: when sanitation workers work in the daytime, especially when the sun shines on the clothing, it will make people dazzled and interfere with the driving behavior of drivers. 1n addition, many sanitation workers reported that this color of sanitation clothes was easily mistaken for flowers by insects, attracting wild bees and other insects. Many sanitation workers suffered from stings

it is not an impossible technical problem to give the sanitation workers the best work clothes. The key lies in whether they can afford to spend money. According to the investigation, most of the environmental sanitation workers were hit in the early morning. One of the important reasons is that the reflective strip on the environmental sanitation workers’ work clothes was worn and not bright enough to attract the attention of the drivers. 1f we can send more sets, this problem can be avoided. Although it costs more money, it enhances the safety and security of sanitation workers

nowadays, there is more and more caring atmosphere for environmental sanitation workers in various places. Some places have set up rest stations for environmental sanitation workers, which is a good phenomenon and worth affirming. But can we give more care to environmental sanitation workers on work clothes, design the best work clothes and give them more sets, so that environmental sanitation workers will no longer become a “dangerous industry”

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