Glass falls and hits construction master safety helmet

A few days ago, near No. 92, Shiqiao Road, several pieces of decorated glass fell from the car, crushing a young man into a serious injury. At 11 a.m. yesterday, it was a disaster caused by large-scale decoration glass. A piece of lifting glass suddenly fell and hit master Cai who was working below

fortunately, master Cai is wearing a safety helmet. When he was sent to the hospital by his workers, master Cai repeatedly sighed that he had “recovered a life”

Master Cai, 41, has been working in Hangzhou from his hometown in Henan for many years. Now he is a glass decorator. These days, master Cai is working on the Raffles construction site near Qianjiang road

“1 was standing on the second floor. When the glass was lifted from my side, 1 still saw it.” Mr. Cai was installing glass on the scaffold outside the wall of the second floor at that time, and the falling glass was to be transported upstairs. The method of transportation is to use a vacuum sucker to suck it and pull it up from the outside of the floor

“it’s the first time 1’ve come across such an accident after working for so many years.” Master Li, a worker, said that the weight of the vacuum suction cup is generally two or three hundred kilograms, so the safety is very high, and the workers usually don’t pay much attention to it. 1 didn’t expect that the nearly 100 kg glass that 1 absorbed yesterday fell off when 1 pulled it to the third floor

at this time, master CA1 was just below the glass, only 5 meters away from the glass, and the falling glass fell on master Cai’s head. The workers were all frightened. They went up to check and found that master Cai’s nostrils had been smashed with blood, but he was still conscious

the doctor said that because the safety helmet blocked the glass, there was no obvious and serious injury to master CA1. As for whether the brain or other organs would be injured due to the collision, further examination is needed

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