Glasses frame and face to match to avoid side light leakage

There are many kinds of eye and face protection articles. According to the protection functions, they can be roughly divided into nine categories: dust proof, waterproof, impact proof, high temperature proof, electromagnetic radiation proof, radiation proof, chemical splash proof, sand proof and strong light proof< According to statistics, electro-optic ophthalmia is more common in the welding operation of industrial and mining enterprises, the main reason is that the selected protective glasses are not suitable. Therefore, relevant operators should master the following basic methods of using protective glasses: (1) the glasses and masks used must be inspected by relevant departments (2) choose and wear appropriate glasses and masks to prevent falling off and shaking during operation, which will affect the use effect (3) the frame of glasses should match the face to avoid light leakage from the side. 1f necessary, eye protection or side light proof glasses should be used (4) to prevent the mask and glasses from moisture and pressure, so as to avoid deformation, damage or light leakage. Welding masks should be insulated to prevent electric shock (5) when using the mask type goggles, the protective film should be replaced at least once in 8 hours. When the filter of protective glasses is damaged by splashes, it should be replaced in time (6) when the protective film and the filter are used together, the diopter of the lens must be the same (7) welding masks with air supply and dust and gas masks should be maintained and used in strict accordance with relevant regulations (8) when the lens of the mask is covered by the moist smoke of the working environment and the moisture exhaled by the operator, which causes water mist and affects the operation, the following measures can be taken: 1. water film diffusion method. Apply fatty acid or silica gel antifogging agent on the lens to make the water mist spread evenly

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