Gloves also protect against Parkinson’s disease

Abstract: Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a chronic disease of the central nervous system, which affects the activity of patients. 1t mostly occurs in the middle-aged and elderly people. But have you ever heard that gloves can also prevent Parkinson’s disease

recently, in order to solve the problem of arm tremor in patients with Parkinson’s disease, Spanish researchers have developed a kind of intelligent glove that can alleviate tremor, which has entered the clinical trial stage

according to the press release issued by Madrid’s “University Hospital of October 12” on October 15, the robot bone glove controls tremor through a motion control system, sensors and a set of electrodes. 1t can distinguish whether arm tremor is normal activity or focus tremor, so as to effectively control tremor

the hospital has conducted clinical trials in 80 Parkinson’s patients aged 40 to 80. After wearing this special glove, both doctors and patients noticed a significant decrease in tremor. The glove provides an alternative to drugs and surgery for Parkinson’s patients, the communique said

it is reported that 10% of the population aged 59 to 89 in the world suffer from different degrees of Parkinson’s disease, and 65% of them are seriously affected in their daily life

in addition to Parkinson’s disease, which is still in the research and development stage, there are now operations to treat this disease

robot brain stereotactic technology

robot brain stereotactic surgery has the characteristics of minimally invasive, safe and reliable, which can quickly and accurately locate the location, size, volume, shape of intracranial lesions and the relationship with the surrounding brain tissue; 1t can quickly and accurately find the best surgical path; 1t can quickly and accurately damage, regulate and repair the intracranial lesions. Especially for small deep brain lesions, multiple lesions and lesions located in important functional areas that are not suitable for craniotomy, as well as for elderly patients and patients with weak constitution who can not tolerate craniotomy, stereotactic surgery has irreplaceable characteristics

robot brain stereotactic Technology: it can replace the traditional stereotactic framework, identify the landmarks attached to the patient’s head, establish the corresponding three-dimensional coordinate system, and mark the target position and puncture trajectory. After the target location, the dynamic manipulator can maintain a stable trajectory with a repetition accuracy of 0.1 mm to ensure the accuracy of the operation

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