Gloves for environmental sanitation industry in Luoyang, Henan Province in winter

a few days ago, Luoyang Federation of trade unions and Zhongmai group held a ceremony at the intersection of Wangcheng Avenue and Daobei third road to issue labor protection in winter and add three new laborer post stations for Luoyang Federation of trade unions. 1500 sets of labor protection articles were distributed to sanitation workers in Xigong District” Everyone has a pair of gloves, an ear warmer, a tube of hand cream, and a bottle of medicine and wine for traumatic injuries. All these things are very practical and useful to us. ” Sanitation worker Zhu Aiying told reporters with the items she just received

after receiving hand cream and medicine, the sanitation worker couldn’t shut his mouth.

“1’ve heard that we are going to give out winter labor protection articles today, but 1 didn’t expect to have such a big bag, even medicine for injuries.” Uncle Zhang, the sanitation worker, happily said that they started to clean the streets at 6 a.m. every day. 1t was very cold at that time. Although they were wearing gloves, they would have frostbite on their hands every year, and they would get better in April next year. The hand cream they received this time was very good for protecting their hands” Now it’s freezing on the road in the morning. When 1 was sweeping the floor three days ago, 1 accidentally fell down and hurt my knee. Now it’s not convenient to walk. 1 just got a bottle of medicine today and used it when 1 got home after cleaning. ” Mr. Zhang said

“others provide convenience for us

we give back to you for tidiness”

at the distribution site, some sanitation workers put on gloves as soon as they got them” These gloves are warm. They are very useless in winter, so you don’t have to worry about frostbite in your hands and ears any more. ” Two or three sanitation workers were talking together

“the Pearl of Zhongmai Wangcheng (a real estate project developed by Zhongmai group) also provides us with convenience. Whenever we go in, we can rest in it and drink hot water. We all thank them very much. Every time we sweep the floor here, we all work very hard and take it very seriously. Others have provided us with convenience. The only thing we can do is to do our own work well and return their clean environment. ” Sanitation worker Zhu Aiying said with a smile

other outdoor workers will also receive labor protection articles

“outdoor workers are very hard, they serve us silently, and we are very moved by their behavior. 1n the next step, we will also issue labor insurance to outdoor workers such as traffic police, assistant police, courier and migrant workers, and continue to refine the management of 93 labor stations to normalize them. Those with better conditions will be equipped with microwave ovens, tables and chairs to provide hot meals and warm rest places for sanitation workers. ” The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Federation of trade unions said that the three new labor post stations are located at the intersection of Wangcheng Avenue and Jiudu road in Xigong District of Luoyang City, Zhongmai Red Oriental, the intersection of Guanlin road and Longhe West Road in New District, Longhe community south, and Wangcheng Avenue and Daobei three road, respectively. At present, there are 93 labor stations in Luoyang

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