Gloves made by machines, farmers earn 500000 yuan a year

in Majia village of Jiaoxi Town, farming is no longer the main business. Villagers make labor protection gloves to increase their income in their leisure time, and now it is almost the main business. 1n 2000, the glove machine was introduced from Zhejiang Province. Villagers only need to buy the machine and put it at home. They don’t need extra manpower to process it. The gloves can be shaped automatically. The larger farmers make a net profit of 500000 a year. 1n order to make gloves sell better, seven glove deep-processing factories have been set up in the village, and the knitted gloves made by villagers have been hung with glue, so that there are more than 100 kinds of gloves, which are sold at home and abroad. Last year, Ma Yongqi, the village secretary, also set up a labor protection articles association to promote export< On the morning of March 26, the reporter came to Majia village, Jiaoxi Town, which is famous for manufacturing gloves. Walking into a factory workshop, 1 saw that the workshop was full of processed labor protection gloves, and the workers were busy on the production line. Ma Yongqi, the village secretary, told reporters that the factory is a large-scale one in the village, with two production lines with a total of 40 workers and a daily output of more than 100000 pairs" There are rows of palm models on the assembly line. The workers put the knitting gloves on these models. After a certain amount of heating, they raise the temperature, transport them to the glue pool to dip in the glue, and then heat and blow to solidify the glue quickly, and the gloves are processed. "< According to Ma Yongqi, the gloves are made of 13 needle high elastic silk with PVC glue. They are mainly used in steel, construction and other industries. They are wholesalered at 90 cents a pair, with a profit of 5 cents per pair. They are durable and affordable< Speaking of the history of making gloves in Majia village, Ma Yongqi told the reporter that since the 1980s, a small number of people in the village have been processing gloves on a small scale at home and giving them to the nearby protective equipment factory, but the scale was up to 2000" 1n the past, the palms and wrists of gloves were woven separately, and they had to be stitched after weaving, so the efficiency was very low. 1n 2000, Zhejiang Province produced a glove knitting machine that can automatically knit gloves. Manual processing is no longer needed, and gloves can be formed once the raw materials are put in, which greatly improves the productivity. " Ma Yongqi said that at first, Party members in the village took the lead in the attempt. Several party members pooled money to buy several machines, and they made money in the first year. Later, other villagers joined in one after another “of the 168 households in the village, seven are making gloves. Each household has five or six machines less and fifty more. Usually, the men go out to farm and work, while the women watch the machines at home. One person can watch 50 machines with 13 needles at the same time. One machine can produce more than 150 pairs every day. The annual profit of each machine is 8000-10000, and the annual income of 50 machines is 500000, which is quite considerable< More than 100 kinds of gloves sell well at home and abroad. “the villagers make good knitting gloves at home and sell them to the processing plant, which will make them more durable and sell better. 1t can be said that the scale of gloves made in the village now is driven by the deep processing plant. There are seven factories in the village, large and small, with a total of 12 production lines, one of which can drive 200 glove knitting machines. ” Ma Yongqi said that there are many kinds of Glove Fabrics and glues, such as latex, leather oil glue and PVC glue. Each kind of glue is divided into more than ten categories. Coupled with different processing methods, gloves can be processed into hundreds of kinds, which can meet the needs of all walks of life” Glove style also has a trend, often with the trend of some new varieties. The direction of the trend depends on the Trade Fair held twice a year. The latest one was held in Shanghai on April 24, and we have made preparations for that for a long time. “ precisely because of its variety and good quality, majiacun gloves sell well at home and abroad, and can be seen in all prefecture level cities across the country. Foreign orders are also sold one by one to countries in Asia, Africa and Europe” Last year, the market was very good, the supply was short of demand, and the overtime work could not be finished. 1n order to maintain its advantages and expand its scale, Jiaozhou labor protection products association was established in July last year to be responsible for the production, supply and marketing of labor protection gloves and technical innovation in the whole city, and unified purchase and sales of raw materials. Driven by the association, the glove processing output value of the whole city, including surrounding villages, exceeded 100 million yuan last year, and villagers’ pockets were more and more bulging. ” Ma Yongqi said with pride reporter Chen Yan

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