Go home safely — start with wearing your seat belt

The Spring Festival army has been in action for a long time. 1n the news this morning, a girl who bought a ticket went crazy and kicked her feet wildly. 1t is less than ten days before the traditional Spring Festival. Some people are still struggling to buy tickets, while others have already made up their minds to drive home. When it comes to driving, you have to mention the seat belt

it is not safe to wear safety belt only

with the increasing improvement of people’s living standards, the number of motor vehicles is also increasing, and the safety belt shows more and more “safety” value in protecting the lives of drivers and passengers and reducing accident losses. The three-point safety belt was installed on the p120 and pv544 cars of Volvo automobile company in 1959, and it was widely used in the world at the end of the 20th century. 1n the past 40 years, the number of casualties caused by car crash accidents has been reduced by 75%, and nearly 1 million lives have been saved effectively

the origin and development process of seat belts

on May 20, 1902, in the car race in New York, a contestant tied himself and his partner to their seats with several belts just in case. During the race, the car they were driving ran into a rail that tilted up from the ground, left the road and rushed into the crowd, killing two people and injuring dozens of others. However, they survived because of the belt

in 1922, the sports cars in the racetrack began to use seat belts; 1n 1955, the United States Ford car with a seat belt; 1n 1968, the United States stipulated that all seats facing the front of a car should be equipped with seat belts. Europe, Japan and other developed countries have successively formulated the regulations that car passengers must wear seat belts. The Ministry of public security of our country issued a circular on November 15, 1992, stipulating that from July 1, 1993, drivers of all passenger cars (including cars, jeeps, vans and minicars) and front seat passengers must use seat belts Article 51 of the law of the people’s Republic of China on road traffic safety stipulates that when a motor vehicle is running, the driver and passengers shall use the safety belt according to the regulations, and the motorcycle driver and passengers shall wear the safety helmet according to the regulations

at present, the standard form of seat belt in the world is the three-point seat belt invented by Niles. This kind of car seat belt began to be accepted by people since 1967. Niles published 28000 accident reports in the United States, which recorded all the traffic accidents involving Volvo cars in Sweden in 1966, 1n more than half of the cases, the three-point seat belt can not only reduce or even avoid the chance of passengers being injured, but also save their lives

since the introduction of seat belts, there have been 10 million kilometers of seat belts installed in more than 1 billion vehicles around the world, which are long enough to circle 250 circles around the earth’s equator, or to and from the moon 13 times. However, the most important thing is that countless lives have been saved within 40 years, proving that the three-point seat belt is an effective single vehicle safety device

how to use the car seat belt correctly

after a car crash, the most common injuries of drivers and passengers are head, chest and abdomen, upper limb fractures or lacerations. 1f the safety belt is used correctly, the injury of drivers and passengers will be relatively reduced in case of an accident. According to the information, the number of deaths and serious injuries can be reduced by 40% to 50% after using the waist shoulder safety belt. 1n a frontal crash, the use of seat belts can reduce the head and face injury rate by about 60%. The probability of people who do not use seat belts ejecting from the vehicle after the collision and the hospital treatment time after injury are 10 times and 2-4 times higher than those who use seat belts respectively. Practice has proved that the use of safety belt is an effective, convenient and economical safety measure

although the safety belt can reduce and protect the injury degree of drivers and passengers in traffic accidents such as vehicle collision, it must be used correctly, otherwise its effect will be greatly reduced. First of all, always check the technical status of the safety belt, and replace it immediately if it is damaged. Secondly, it should be used correctly. The safety belt should be tied at the hip and chest as far as possible. 1t can only be used by one person. 1t is strictly forbidden for two people to share it. Do not twist the safety belt. Third, when using the seat belt, don’t let it press on hard and fragile objects, such as mobile phones, glasses, pens, etc. in your pocket. Fourth, when there is no one on the seat, the safety belt should be sent back to the retractor, and the buckle tongue should be placed in the collection position, so as to avoid the buckle tongue hitting other objects during emergency braking. Fifth, don’t let the seat back tilt too much, otherwise it will affect the use effect. The buckle of the safety belt must be buckled well to prevent it from falling off under external force

the three-point seat belt should be able to span below the abdomen and across the shoulder at the same time, that is, it should span above the pelvis and chest, and it should work through a low fixed point on the side of the seat. This means that the geometry of the seat belt should be a V-shape placed horizontally, and its position can be maintained under tension

the rear seat space of the car is large. 1f the seat belt is not used, the occupant’s head will heavily hit the front seat back in case of collision. 1t may even break the glass and be thrown out of the car, not only falling heavily on the hard asphalt road, but also being run over by the vehicles behind, resulting in more serious consequences. Therefore, it is very necessary for the rear passengers to use the seat belt

safe driving depends on people’s self-consciousness, and is also related to the habits of a city. During my trip to Guangzhou in April last year, 1 was ashamed of the repeated reminders from taxi drivers. When 1 went back to my city, 1 was stopped by the driver when 1 took a taxi to fasten the seat belt, to the effect that it was ten minutes away and 1 didn’t need to fasten the seat belt. 1t’s ironic to hear from the microphone that the front row passengers please fasten their seat belts. 1n just ten minutes, 1 was on pins and needles. Whether the safety belt is used or not can be tested in a few seconds when life is in danger. However, whether we have a chance to come back after a few seconds is unknown….

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