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According to the forecast industry research institute, the MRO purchasing demand of Chinese industrial enterprises accounts for 4% to 6% of their output value on average, while the GDP of China’s secondary industry in 2015 was 28767.5 billion yuan. Then, even if it is estimated conservatively, the scale of China’s MRO Market has exceeded 1 trillion

although the market is large, under the background of economic winter, enterprises urgently need to optimize the structure, improve efficiency and save costs in order to survive the winter safely. There is no exception in the field of industrial products. Enterprise customers have more and more requirements for industrial products procurement services, and the cooperation conditions for product price, after-sales service, technical support and other aspects are very strict. This is a headache for dealers of industrial products

how to obtain products with lower cost and higher gross profit? How to expand sales categories< How to manage inventory and cost? How to expand business with limited funds how to do well in product promotion and customer service … for the above pain points, gongbangbang(www.gongbangbang.com )Adhere to provide high cost-effective solutions for industrial products dealers who is gongbang The aim of gongbangbang is to serve the distributors of industrial products. At present, we have established in-depth cooperation with more than 5000 brand suppliers, providing online trading services for more than 1 million kinds of industrial accessories and consumables (MRO) around 26 commodity lines” At the same time, we continue to provide high cost-effective products, services and solutions for dealers of industrial products, so as to truly realize industry resource sharing and improve industry efficiency. 1n the future, gongbang will provide services for dealers in terms of capital, operation and promotion gongbangbang provides Omni channel and convenient purchasing experience for dealers of industrial products with PC official website, wechat service number and app to be launched soon. Massive MRO products can be quickly searched online and orders can be placed. There are also many irregular promotional activities, such as clearance, special sale, etc. Gongbangbang is committed to providing dealers with competitive products and launching exclusive membership rights at the same time. Enjoy more product discounts and value-added rights and interests, all from becoming a member of gongbang register to enjoy exclusive benefits, hurry up address(https://s.growingio.com/oAjN8l ) one click application for registered member after uploading the information and passing the staff’s review, 50 yuan bonus will arrive immediately 25000 points can be used without threshold online order can be automatically deducted opportunities do not exist every day when it’s time to hand out so, Are you ready for the pose

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