Good prescription for prevention and treatment of occupational diseases

“Prevention and treatment of occupational diseases, occupational health.” From April 28 to May 8, Maoming Petrochemical’s “occupational disease prevention and control law” publicity week, with the theme of “optional action” and “prescribed action” in full swing

protect your hearing

“care for employees, pay attention to health, and prevent occupational diseases from me!” At the site of CFB boiler unit in Maoming Petrochemical Power Plant, the director of the unit is cordially exchanging “health consulting service” with the staff

“please wear ear protectors when entering noisy places. 1f you don’t wear ear protectors, you will be assessed 100 yuan! 1f it’s just in case, maybe you’ll be deaf again! ” Before entering the gate of the main plant, the workers who are going to carry out the inspection always tell each other to “wear earplugs and earmuffs during operation, and have regular hearing examination.”

“right ear plug, wake up!” Over time, workers have developed a good habit of occupational disease prevention. When they enter the operation site with excessive noise, they will always check whether their ears are wearing “protection” – ear protectors at the first time. 1f they find that they are not wearing them, they will turn back to the shift room, take ear protectors, and wear them as required before they enter the operation site again

after the operation, the workers who return to the shift room are buried in the desktop, carefully fill in the account of occupational disease prevention facilities, and carefully write down the text description of control facilities in the blank space of the form, such as sound insulation cover, sound insulation room, sound insulation screen, muffler, etc

occupational protection is visible

Maoming Petrochemical Company strictly implements the warning sign system of occupational hazards in the workplace, and implements the warning signs on the installation site. At the scene, warning signs can be seen everywhere: “Beware of poisoning”, “pay attention to dust prevention”, “pay attention to high temperature”, “harmful noise” and so on. Those warm instruction signs are clear at a glance in every conspicuous position: “please wear protective glasses”, “please wear gas mask”, “please wear dust mask” and so on. As you can see at a glance, the sign of awakening provides the clearest answer

when 1 came to the coal handling system of CFB boiler, 1 saw the workers on site wearing dust masks. Not far away, there is an instruction sign, which clearly says “please wear dust mask when entering dust area”

each workshop of Maoming Petrochemical Company requires employees to carefully fill in the current situation of noise warning signs and the number and location of new warning signs, and report them before September 21 every year, so as to ensure the “warning pass” of occupational environment safety

small technological transformation to protect health

“use your brain to maintain health, not only to achieve, but also to achieve.” Maoming Petrochemical Co., Ltd. and its employees communicate with each other attentively

before the implementation of the small technical transformation, there were two continuous bends in the limestone conveying pipe of the limestone system in the second thermal power plant of the power plant. Due to the small spacing, the limestone is easy to accumulate and block at the bends, which affects the desulfurization effect in the furnace and easily leads to the excessive SO2 emission at the boiler outlet, thus affecting the health of the operators

after the implementation of the small technical transformation, the second thermal power plant added two air rings at the continuous elbow, and sent air to the air rings through two air supply pipes, so that the limestone pipeline transportation became smooth without pipe blockage, the sulfur dioxide control of workers was more stable, the qualified rate of flue gas emission reached 100%, and the health of operators was guaranteed. This small technical transformation of occupational defense has been unanimously praised by the staff

at present, all units use the time of safety activities to carry out special learning activities of occupational health laws and regulations and occupational disease prevention knowledge. While communicating, employees think of ideas, find occupational health hazards, implement occupational health minor technical transformation measures, carry out occupational health training and fine management of occupational health, and select excellent cases of occupational disease prevention and control

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