Green fire hydrant appears in Xi’an City

“1t’s strange how the fire hydrant is green?” Recently, three green fire hydrants appeared near Xi’an north railway station, which aroused the curiosity of many citizens. 1t turns out that this is a demonstration site for the use of reclaimed water in our city. These green fire hydrants use reclaimed water as water supply source, and the effluent is mainly used for greening irrigation, city appearance sweeping and fire fighting

according to the relevant staff of the water supply and Drainage Department of the Municipal Water Affairs Bureau, reclaimed water refers to the water that can be recycled after the sewage is properly treated and reaches a certain water quality index, meets certain use requirements and standards. 1n 2013, Xi’an ranked first in comprehensive assessment of 36 large and medium-sized cities in China for three consecutive quarters, but more than 90% of the reclaimed water can only be discharged into rivers and canals. On the one hand, a large amount of reclaimed water has not been fully utilized; on the other hand, the drinking water supply source in the urban area has basically reached full load operation, and there will be insufficient pressure in the end pipe and shortage of water supply during peak water supply period. At the same time, the city’s existing landscaping, road cleaning and fire water for the vast majority of drinking water

it is estimated that 15 million cubic meters of water is taken from fire hydrants every year in our city, which is equivalent to the storage capacity of three Dayu reservoirs, and can provide drinking water for 8 million people in Xi’an for 10 days. 1n view of this situation, since the second half of last year, the water department has stepped up the pilot work of reclaimed water utilization. Now, reclaimed water utilization projects have been built in six municipal sewage treatment plants, including No.1 sewage treatment plant, No.2 sewage treatment plant, No.3 sewage treatment plant, No.2 sewage treatment plant, No.4 sewage treatment plant and No.7 sewage treatment plant, The water supply capacity is 230 m3 / h

according to the introduction of the relevant responsible personnel of the Municipal Water Affairs Bureau, our city should make efforts in municipal miscellaneous use, landscaping, ecological landscape water use and industrial water use at the same time, and strive to use 3-5 years to make the utilization rate of reclaimed water reach 30% and the annual utilization amount reach 100 million cubic meters. These recent “post” green fire hydrants will open a new chapter in the use of reclaimed water in our city

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