green manufacturing standard system construction guide was released, covering all fields of green manufacturing

Recently, the Ministry of industry and information technology and the National Standardization Administration jointly issued the guidelines for the construction of green manufacturing standard system (hereinafter referred to as the guidelines) According to the guideline, the green manufacturing standard system consists of seven parts: comprehensive foundation, green products, green factories, green enterprises, green parks, green supply chain and green evaluation and service. At the same time, the guide also proposes in stages that by 2020, a number of basic general and key core standards should be formulated, and the pilot application of key standards should be organized to form a basically sound green manufacturing standard system; By 2025, green manufacturing standards will be widely applied in various industries, forming a relatively perfect green manufacturing standard system

“the comprehensive basis is the basis and guarantee for the implementation of green manufacturing, the product is the output of green manufacturing, the factory is the implementation subject and the smallest unit of green manufacturing, the enterprise is the top-level design subject of green manufacturing, the supply chain is the link of all links of green manufacturing, the park is the complex of green manufacturing, and the service and evaluation is the continuous improvement means of green manufacturing. Each subsystem complements each other and builds a green manufacturing standard system. ” The relevant person in charge of the Department of energy conservation and comprehensive utilization of the Ministry of industry and information technology told reporters that the green manufacturing standard system covers all relevant fields, taking into account the life cycle, manufacturing process, industrial chain, as well as the resource and energy consumption and environmental emissions of products, factories, enterprises, supply chains and parks, including input, output and other dimensions

according to the above person in charge, the guide is to implement the “made in China 2025” and “plan for standardization and quality improvement of equipment manufacturing industry”, and to implement the comprehensive standardization system. 1t has a clear goal orientation. 1t complements the “construction plan for technical standard system in the field of energy conservation and comprehensive utilization in industry and communication industry”, and the two sets of standard systems will be implemented in parallel

it is reported that in order to implement the guide, the next step is to strengthen the research and development of key standards. According to the green manufacturing standard system, the standard formulation and revision work will be carried out in a complete set, and social organizations and enterprises will be supported to develop standards superior to the national and industrial standards. At the same time, we should actively carry out the comparison of international and domestic green manufacturing standards, carry out the post evaluation of standard implementation effect, promote the construction of corporate social responsibility, and establish the self declaration system of enterprise green manufacturing based on green manufacturing standards

the person in charge also pointed out that the Ministry of industry and information technology will make use of relevant policies such as industrial transformation and upgrading funds, special construction funds and green credit to support the construction of green manufacturing system and promote government priority procurement. All localities should actively strive for the coordination of local supporting funds, and list the green manufacturing system construction projects as the focus of existing financial support

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