Grey viscose fabric goes up against the market

in recent days, the pure viscose “cotton silk” fabric marketing of Shaoxing China Textile City has entered the off-season, the trading volume has shrunk and the price has fallen, but the grey cloth price has gone against the market

63 inch 30s, one of the main grey fabrics woven with pure viscose yarn × 30S.68 × 68 “cotton silk” grey fabric, due to the current manufacturers and middlemen in the hands of grey fabric inventory is not much, and the next by printing “cotton silk” need, there is still no lack of small and medium batches of goods. Before that, most of the starting prices for large batches were 4.65 yuan / m, while those for small batches were higher than 4.65 yuan / m. however, at present, the asking prices for large batches are at least 4.72 yuan / m, and those for small batches are about 4.75 yuan / m. the actual asking prices for some batches are higher than 4.75 yuan / m, which is generally 0.10 yuan / M higher than those for the last few days. 63 inch 32S × 32S.66 × 66 viscose “cotton silk” grey cloth, up to now, due to the decline of grey cloth inventory, and there are many small and medium-sized batches of demand, so the price has also increased

in recent days, as the next “cotton silk” is basically in the end sale, the turnover of viscose grey cloth is more and less. However, due to the fact that most of the grey cloth inventory has been light, the remaining volume is no longer in a hurry to sell, so the price of grey cloth is on the contrary

Author: Miao Zhian

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