Group standard for general protective masks officially released in Beijing

On December 31, 2019, the group standard for general protective masks (T / CTCA

7-2019) was officially released in Beijing, and will come into force on January 30, 2020. China Textile Business Association, the sponsor of the group standard, said that the release and implementation of the group standard “general protective masks” will play a positive role in standardizing orderly competition in the industry and protecting the safety and health of workers

in recent years, with the rapid development of China’s social economy and the increasingly changing environment, people take wearing masks as an important means of self-protection. Mask products cover a wide range of products, the market demand is growing year by year. However, the general protective mask products are currently in a state of no standard to follow. 1n order to promote the sales of the products, the manufacturers and dealers mostly mark and implement GB

2626-2006 industrial mask standard or GB / T

32610-2016 technical specification for daily protective masks; Due to the different product structure, product design style, product use function, wearing environment and working environment, it is not appropriate to take the existing standard as the production standard. 1t is urgent to formulate the standard of general protective mask

according to the relevant person in charge of China Textile Business Association, the formulation of the group standard for general protective masks was officially launched in early 2019. The drafting group held several discussion meetings, and it was completed after being approved by experts in the industry and relevant scientific research departments, and reported to the National Standardization Management Committee for the record

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