Guangdong bus security equipped with riot shield

The security of buses in Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province, has been upgraded from cutting gloves, riot sticks, shields to U-shaped steel forks. The City Bus Co., Ltd. said on the 24th that local police also conducted fire emergency drills and demonstration of the use of riot equipment for more than 100 bus drivers and managers

the violence that endangers public safety by using buses has drawn much attention from the society. Zhaoqing Bus Co., Ltd. said that this bus security upgrade is “prevention first”, implementing the safety system to eliminate hidden dangers in the bud, so as to increase the security of anti-terrorism and anti riot in public transportation and improve the emergency response ability of bus drivers

it is understood that the City Bus Co., Ltd. has specially formulated the “emergency response plan for violent terrorist incidents of Zhaoqing City Bus Co., Ltd.” and “anti terrorist prevention plan of Zhaoqing City Bus Co., Ltd.” to train more than 400 drivers in four batches

at present, every bus in the city is equipped with fire-fighting facilities, as well as anti cutting gloves for buses participating in passenger transportation, and many bus stations are equipped with riot sticks, shields, U-shaped steel forks and other riot equipment

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