Guannan company strengthens labor protection in hot weather

On July 7, Xinneng company affiliated to Guannan power supply company conducted heatstroke prevention and labor protection training for project managers and safety officers of 23 construction teams. A “five send” activity is in full swing in Guannan county power supply company, which includes sending cool, health, care, health and safety

the leaders of the company not only visited the departments in charge, but also stipulated that all middle-level cadres and managers must stick to their posts, seriously implement heatstroke prevention measures, scientifically arrange workload, and ensure that employees have enough rest time. The company made it clear that all outdoor operations will be stopped when the daily maximum temperature reaches 40 ℃; At 37 ℃ and above, outdoor operation shall not exceed 6 hours per day; When the temperature is above 35 ℃, the work shall be carried out in shifts and no overtime is allowed. All construction units and outsourcing construction teams shall not violate the rules

it is reported that the company has provided sufficient heatstroke prevention articles, medicines and drinks for grass-roots and front-line workplaces; Pay attention to the food safety management of the canteen, do a good job in food collocation, increase fancy varieties, and ensure that the staff eat delicious and full, eat safe and healthy; The outdoor construction site with conditions should also set up a shed and a drinking water place to prevent dehydration and heatstroke

in order to strengthen the self-protection awareness and skills of employees, the company also popularizes the knowledge and skills of heatstroke prevention and self-help, mutual rescue, risk avoidance and emergency rescue among employees through intranet, lectures, posters, pocket books, etc

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