Guard against blind rescue in summer and strengthen the protection of limited space system

Summer is a period of frequent accidents in confined space. According to statistics, from June 3 to 8 in the past five years, there were 9 major poisoning and suffocation accidents in construction and other fields of industry, commerce and trade, 8 of which occurred in limited space, 7 of which were caused by improper rescue of enterprise employees. 1n 2013, there were 5 fatal accidents in limited space operation in Beijing, 4 of which occurred in the period of high temperature from June to September. 1n this regard, the experts put forward –

why is the limited space operation accident prone to high incidence in summer? Gao Hong, director of the Research 1nstitute of industrial safety production, said1 think tank, Ministry of industry and information technology, told reporters that on the one hand, summer is coming, there is a large amount of construction in all walks of life, and there are more troubleshooting and planned maintenance; On the other hand, the high temperature and low air pressure in summer are not conducive to the diffusion of toxic and harmful gases in the limited space, the operators are prone to fatigue, the willingness to wear labor protection articles is not strong, and the safety control and effective operation links are easily not in place

news reports on accidents in confined space are frequently reported in the newspapers, and various places have also deployed safety work in confined space

State Grid Beijing urban power supply company employs experts to carry out limited space operation skills training, focusing on limited space operation specifications, safety procedures, on-site safety control and other knowledge

Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, has actively carried out a two-month special rectification on the safety of limited space operation of industrial and trade enterprises. All the units with limited space operation in the industrial and trade enterprises under the jurisdiction, whether they are often used by enterprises, temporarily used or used by outsourcing units, are the targets of rectification

the Safety Supervision Bureau of Chongming County of Shanghai held the promotion meeting of special management of limited space operation safety in Miao Town, Gangyan Town, Zhongxing town and County Bureau respectively. 1n view of the characteristics and causes of several limited space operation accidents in Chongming County in recent years, the necessity and importance of carrying out special management of limited space operation safety were emphasized, The steps and methods of special governance are explained

Ningxia work safety publicity and Education Center trained more than 200 limited space operators for 5 days. This year, 1200 special operators in limited space will receive free training in Ningxia. 1t is reported that the training of special operation personnel in limited space is part of Ningxia’s 10 livelihood plans and 30 practical things for the private sector, which is in the charge of the safety supervision department of the autonomous region

> there are three difficulties â„?

the phenomenon of blind rescue is prominent

statistics show that more than 40% of the accidents in the industry and trade industry occurred in limited space in 2013

in fact, not only this year, but also in recent years, almost every year to the summer, all industries and departments in China have issued measures to strengthen the safety work of limited space operation and prevent accidents caused by limited space operation and blind rescue

despite the continuous improvement of measures and the continuous expansion of training scope, similar tragedies are still staged one after another this year

from June 3 to 8 this year, there were 7 major production safety accidents in China, and 24 people died. There were two major accidents in the field of construction and seven people died, one of which was a limited space operation accident. At 7:00 on Jun5, two construction workers of Datian hydropower station (under construction) suffocated while pumping water in the tunnel in Babu District, Hezhou City, Guangxi Province. Another one suffocated when he went to check, causing three deaths

one major accident occurred in other fields of industry, commerce and trade, with three deaths. The accident was a confined space operation accident. At 18:30 on Jun5, a worker of Chaoyang egg tray factory in Linwei District, Weinan City, Shaanxi Province fell into the pulp pool after poisoning while cleaning up the pulp pool. The other three also fell into the pulp pool during rescue, causing three deaths and one injury

the lessons of these accidents are profound. At first, the poisoning and suffocation were caused by poor ventilation, detection and protection, and then the accidents were expanded from ordinary accidents to major accidents due to improper rescue, which sounded the alarm for us

in this regard, Gao Hong said that there are three major difficulties in the safety work of limited space operation: first, limited space operation exists in all walks of life, and mostly exists in the fields of industry, commerce and trade, agriculture and forestry. The industry supervision in these fields is relatively weak, and the safety management is relatively lax; Second, the limited space operation involves more special operations such as electric welding, which improves the operation risk; Third, the phenomenon of project contracting and subcontracting is prominent, the safety quality of operators is not high, the management is difficult to be in place, and it is easy to blindly rescue, leading to the expansion of accidents

based on these three difficulties, Gao Hong said: “confined space operation belongs to high-risk operation, once an accident occurs, the consequences are very serious.” According to statistics, from 2010 to 2013, there were 67 accidents and 269 deaths in China’s industry and trade industry, accounting for 41.1% and 39.9% of the accidents respectively

in this regard, Gao Hong reminded the enterprises and construction units involved in limited space operation that they are in the high incidence period of limited space operation accidents at present and in the future. They must abide by the approval procedures and strengthen the operation process management to ensure the operation safety< According to the expert's explanation, the limited space is easy to accumulate high concentration of harmful substances, inflammable and explosive substances, and easy to cause hypoxia in view of the safety of limited space operation, the State Administration of work safety promulgated the “1nterim Provisions on safety management and supervision of limited space operation of industrial and trade enterprises” in May 2013, which made detailed provisions on the definition and identification of limited space, training and education of limited space operation, rules and regulations, assessment and detection of working environment, operation process management and other safety assurance measures in April this year, the general office of the State Administration of work safety issued the “notice on the confirmation of working conditions in limited space of industrial and trade enterprises”, focusing on the confirmation of safety management in limited space of enterprises, the confirmation of working sites in limited space of enterprises one by one, and the promotion, education and training of working safety in limited space, Further supervise and urge the industry and trade enterprises to implement the safety responsibility of limited space operation, effectively prevent the occurrence of accidents in limited space operation, and curb the expansion of casualties caused by blind rescue in this regard, Gao Hong explained that although the working environment in limited space is very different, there are some common dangerous and harmful factors, mainly from the following aspects: limited space is easy to accumulate high concentrations of harmful substances. Harmful substances can exist in the limited space, or gradually accumulate in the process of operation. For example, the decomposition of organic matter (domestic waste, animals and plants, etc.) can produce carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and methane, leading to poisoning or suffocation low oxygen content in the air causes hypoxia. When the oxygen content in the air of workplace is lower than 19.5%, the limited space will form anoxic state, which will easily lead to anoxic asphyxia accidents there are inflammable and explosive substances in the air, too high concentration will cause combustion or explosion any other life-threatening and health threatening factors, such as drowning, collapse and burial, electric shock, mechanical injury, noise, falling, slipping, etc in addition, it also includes burn and corrosion, heat stroke caused by high temperature operation; Some operations, such as electric welding and gas welding, will also produce toxic and harmful gases, causing injury, etc > adhere to one principle â„?

achieve the level of intrinsic safety

professionals suggest that punishment should be increased to form a strong deterrent force; Using information technology to strengthen system protection

Jinchuan Group Company is involved in mining, metallurgy, chemical industry, machinery manufacturing, engineering construction and other industries. Limited space operations are frequent, and most of them are outsourcing team operations, but there is no accident in recent years. Zhao Qianli, general manager of the company’s safety and environmental protection department, told reporters that the company regards limited space operation as a kind of fatal and dangerous operation, strictly abides by the principle of “ventilation first, detection second, operation later”, treats outsourcing team operation as the same as internal staff operation, and severely punishes those who violate the principle and do not cause casualties or minor injuries as fatal accidents, Supervise and urge the staff to change the correct operation method from brain to heart to habit

Zhao Qianli said that detection is very important, and detection indicators include oxygen concentration, concentration of flammable and explosive substances (combustible gas, explosive dust), concentration of toxic and harmful gases, etc. The test shall conform to the relevant national standards or industry standards

in view of the fact that the limited space operation accidents often occur in construction and other fields of industry, commerce and trade in China, Zhao Qianli suggested that no matter the size of enterprises, no matter which industry they belong to, they should regard the limited space operation as a “high-voltage line”, and the construction personnel should be well-known, and they should be “electrified”, so as to increase the punishment and form a strong deterrent force

specifically, what kind of operation environment and equipment should enterprises provide, and what aspects should operators pay attention to

Zhao Qianli told reporters that before the implementation of limited space operation, the enterprise should evaluate the working environment, put forward measures to eliminate and control hazards, formulate operation plans, and obtain the approval of the person in charge of the enterprise. When working in limited space, the enterprise must provide the operators with personal protective equipment meeting the requirements of national standards, such as safety helmet, protective clothing, and special safety equipment (safety lamps, explosion-proof tools, portable gas detector, etc.)

operators should understand and be familiar with the use requirements and scope of equipment and facilities, participate in relevant training, and master basic self rescue and mutual rescue skills

Zhao Qianli reminded that the operators should have basic first aid skills and actively carry out self rescue, but they should not blindly rescue. When carrying out rescue, we should first do a good job in self-protection. 1f the situation is complex, we should not blindly rescue, and actively contact the relevant emergency rescue departments

in addition, Gao Hong suggests that enterprises can improve the monitoring and pretreatment level of limited space, strengthen system protection and reduce accidentsâ€?On the one hand, with the development of information technology, it is not difficult to strengthen the monitoring and pretreatment of limited space by using sensors and pumping equipment. ” For example, Gao Hong said, “for example, when cleaning the inspection well, if there is a device that can measure the concentration of toxic and harmful gases underground when the operator opens the well cover, and automatically pump and discharge them, so that the concentration of the underground reaches the standard, the operator will be safer when he goes down to work.”

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limited space refers to the closed or partially closed space with narrow entrance and exit, not designed as a fixed workplace, poor natural ventilation, easy to cause toxic and harmful, flammable and explosive substances accumulation or insufficient oxygen content. Confined space operation refers to the operation activities carried out by operators in confined space< According to the requirements of risk and safety management, limited space can be divided into: 1. Unlicensed limited space refers to a place without any limited space that may cause occupational hazards and casualties 2. Permitted limited space refers to any limited space that may cause occupational hazards and casualties. This kind of situation has the following characteristics: the gas in the space is hazardous, and there is a space in which the gas can be stored

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